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Tennessee come out from hiding!!!

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    Re: Tennessee come out from hiding!!!

    Hi! I haven't been able to find any IC groups here either and I'm too run down to start one as well. I'm not thrilled with my urologist (my second in Nashville) and might look into yours. Right now I'm at a stand-still with mine. She's insisting on Interstim and I'm not doing it.
    ~Star B.

    Interstitial Cystitis
    Chronic Fatigue
    Neurally Mediated Syncopy


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      Re: Tennessee come out from hiding!!!

      Isn't it amazing how doctors seem to only want to push what they read and learn is the best for us rather than listening to the patient and what they need for their situation and life?

      Anyways, to the ladies in Nashville, how far east would you be willing to drive for a group?


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        Re: Tennessee come out from hiding!!!


        Sorry ladies I've been super busy with work and flare ups lol.

        StarB: You're in Nashville where I am! Hurray! PLEASE YES definitely give Dr. Roger Dmochowski a try! He participates in IC boards/study groups (or used to....) He's one of the top Urologists in Nashville. I go to his location in Franklin, but I think he has offices at Vanderbilt could ask! Actually, I found Dr Dmochowski recommended here on the IC website back when I was moving back to the area.

        I JUST saw Dr Dmochowski this morning. I have not seen him in quite awhile, and needed some treatment as my flare-ups are getting out of control.

        He's very big on conservative treatment. He would never suggest barbaric treatments just for the insurance money. Anyway, today we discussed new meds that have come out for IC. We are starting me on 10mg Doxepin once per day. He said there's a new bladder spasm med out called Myrbetriq 25mg. It does not affect mental alertness at all, only bladder spasms. He loaded me UP on FREE samples of this one, and is seeing me at another appointment in 6 weeks to check in.

        Dr D used to give me urine cups to take home. I'd drop off a sample to their office once per week, just so they could verify I wasn't running constant bladder infections. They would not charge appointment visits for it. I'd literally take the sample in the cup at home, and drop the sealed cup in a bag on my way to work. He's very compassionate, too. Tell him his IC patient Jeanette C. sent ya! His appointments number is 615-322-2880.
        A first appointment might be booked far out, but after you're not a new patient they get you in faster.

        As far as a group, I'd be willing to drive 30 minutes, but it'd have to be on a weekend!
        "She stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails." -Unkown

        IBS/Endometriosis/Prolasped Uterus/CFS, ME/Fibromyalgia/Refractory IC/Celiac Disease/Autonomic Nervous System Dysfunction (Immune System issues) B12, Vit D deficiencies

        Many surgeries over the years, mainly: Total hysterectomy/Gallbladder & Thyroid removed

        Treatments: Tried all except Interstim, Botox injections and bladder removal. I've never been in remission.

        Daily-Prednisone steroid down to 3mg long-term, Demerol 50mg, Diazepam 2mg
        As needed-Home TENS unit, AZO Standard, Marshmallow Root Capsules, D Mannose powder, Prelief. STRICT IC DIET or I'm bed ridden. I'm under the care of a Pain Management Clinic.

        Was on SS Disability for IC 2004-2006. Back to work 10 years. Annnnd-My bod gave out. Back on Disability as of Aug 2016. WE NEED A CURE!!


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          Re: Tennessee come out from hiding!!!

          my wife has it in stoney creek


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            Re: Tennessee come out from hiding!!!

            I'm in Franklin, TN. I have seen 2 urologists in town, saw Dr. Abel and Dr. Dmochowski. StarB did you ever find anyone? anyone in Nashville love their urologist?



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              Re: Tennessee come out from hiding!!!

              From Knoxville- seeing my gyn who treats. not very happy with care- kinda just blows you off. says every symptom is from ic and to just take your meds (elmiron, atarax, uribel). i've been reading up on here and trying to ask questions, he is just not interested.


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                Re: Tennessee come out from hiding!!!

                I"m in the Tri-Cities here. Anyone with any recommendations?


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                  Re: Tennessee come out from hiding!!!

                  I started seeing Dr. Jeffrey Dell and he is fabulous. He is in Knoxville. I know there are other girls on here who see him as well, that's how I heard about him.


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                    Re: Tennessee come out from hiding!!!

                    Hi. I'm trying to see if anyone here has seen the urologyst Dr. Barry Jarnagin and if so what you think about him? I'm in Alabama, but have decided to take my search for doctors elsewhere because I'm not having much luck here. He is in Franklin, TN. THANKS!!


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                      Re: Tennessee come out from hiding!!!

                      Anyone in the eastern Tennessee area? I just made a support group on Facebook called "IC Support Group Eastern Tennessee" and would love for you to join! It has a blue ribbon with wings on it as the banner.
                      My Treatments Currently:
                      Elmiron 100mg 3x a day
                      Herb Teas
                      Cats claw and Marshmallow Root Pills
                      Attempted CBD Capsules but it seems like it gets worse.

                      Trying to breathe and get by day by day...