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  • Anyone close to me?

    Hi guys! I live in Cosby Tn and just wanted to see if anyone was around me? Today has been a somewhat good day. I think I may have toxic mold in my house but I'm having someone come and do an inspection Wednesday. Whatever it is is really getting to me. I feel confused or as if everything is in slow motion and I'm flaring pretty bad. I know it's nothing I did because nothing has changed. BUT! The reason why I had a good -ish day is because I made myself a blueberry smoothie! First smoothie I've ever made and completely IC friendly. I just used blueberries, vanilla icecream, milk and Ice. My friend told me it sounds bland but with our strict diet even a dash of taste is lovely! I drank like a whole blender full because it was so much better than water haha. Plus I believe it's helping my flare. I'm able to "go" again without pushing but the frequency is still there. Anyways... sorry for rambling but if anyone is near me I'd love to chat! The only person I talk to is my husband really and he's at work most of the time. Plus it's nice to have someone to talk to that's going through the same thing. 😀
    My Treatments Currently:
    Elmiron 100mg 3x a day
    Herb Teas
    Cats claw and Marshmallow Root Pills
    Attempted CBD Capsules but it seems like it gets worse.

    Trying to breathe and get by day by day...