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PFD Physical Therapists in Woodlands/Conroe/Houston Area?

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  • PFD Physical Therapists in Woodlands/Conroe/Houston Area?

    For those that live around The Woodlands/Conroe/Houston area, I'm looking for a great physical therapist (familiar with IC would be nice) that could help my possible PFD. I believe I might have the tight/hypertonic kind, not the incontinence kind, and I would really like to get check out.

    I was wondering if anyone in these areas have seen, or are currently seeing, a PT that is helping them with their hypertonic type PFD? I would prefer for the PT to be around the Woodlands/Conroe area. I live in The Woodlands, and work in the Conroe area, and sometims driving up to Houston can be a pain. I checked on this network the section where it says, "Find a Physical Therapist," but the very few that are on there are so far down in the Houston area. I don't know how I'd be able to do the drive since I'm a teacher in Conroe. The Woodlands/Conroe area would be a better location.

    Anyways, if anyone in the area can help me, I would be greatly appreciative. Thank you so very much!
    24 year old Female living in The Woodlands, Texas

    IC symptoms began July 10, 2009. They came out of nowhere. I have NEVER had any urinary problems in my life! (except for two UTI's when I was a teenager)

    Diagnosed with IC via cystoscopy/hydrodistention under anesthesia September 11, 2009.

    Current Treatments:
    Elmiron (200 mg twice daily)-I started out taking 100 mg twice daily. One month later I saw my new urologist who ended up officially diagnosing me, and he has increased the dosage.
    Amitriptyline (Elavil) (20mg once daily)
    Hydroxyzine (Atarax) (25mg once daily)
    Urelle as needed
    Strict IC Diet- I've completely eliminated EVERYTHING from my diet, and I'm only eating a handful of stuff, for now, on the "Eat with Confidence" section of the IC Diet list.
    Semi-Gluten Free Diet- My Uro has seen new research that food with gluten in them have some sort of effect on IC. As of Jan. 2010, I've added in a couple of non-gluten free foods into my diet, and I don't seem to feel any problems.

    Past Treatments:
    Enablex (15 mg once daily)- After two months of being on it, I never really felt it made a significant difference, so both my Urologist and I didn't feel it was necessary to stay on it.

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