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San Antonio, Houston, Dallas-- spine centers

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  • San Antonio, Houston, Dallas-- spine centers

    I am dealing with chronic back pain!!! It's ruining my life!

    I have cervical arthritis, minor scoliosis, and a slipped disk between L4 and L5.

    Can anyone recommend a good spine center/neurosurgeon in San Antonio, Dallas, or Houston?


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    Wish I could help. I don't know anyone in the 3 cities you mentioned, but do know of a good neurosurgeon at Scott and White in Temple. I'll send you the name if that location could work.

    Meanwhile, sending lots of s and prayers for relief for you.

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      If you have a friend/acquaintance who works in a major hospital, I suggest you ask about neurosurgeons --- the nurses know who's best.

      Stay safe

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        There is a good one in the downtown area of Houston, went there many years ago, but I can't remember where. (of course don't know if they are there anymore) I will have to ask my husband as to where, it might not be the doctors office name/assoc. but he might remember where we went to.


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          I found one of your posts in ref to someone with IC. Do not have any recommendations for Spine Centers in Texas. However do you by chance swim. I have back problems, and swim regularly at Barton Springs in Austin. It is cold water and the cold doesn't seem to hender the therapy, but something about swimming and the body being supported in a neutal position, allowing the spine to maybe realign or go into it's natural state. It seems to help me and my pains especially swimming on my back backstroking, seems to stress your lumbar less and makes things feel better. Or freestyle on you stomach is good as well. Good luck !