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Anyone with a good LA support group?

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  • Anyone with a good LA support group?

    I'm from LA and am in search of a locally based support group. I'm 23 and have had IC for two years and really just need to talk to someone about this painful, bizarre thing happening to my body without them looking at me like I'm completely out of my head. Also, I'm looking for a good IC doctor, anywhere in the southwest. I haven't had good luck with my GP, gynecologist, or urologist, and really, just want some answers. Are support groups a good place to find out this sort of info (I'm in school in Maine right now, and haven't been able to find a support network out here, so I'm waiting until I return to LA to join one)? Thanks for any info you can give.

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    Hi Q,

    I'm in LA too, in the valley actually. I have some information for you. I have a great uro/gyno, a great pain mgmnt doc and the name of a support group. Please email me and I will pass along the information. My email is: [email protected]