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    Hi Everyone!

    I'm an English woman currently back in London. I lived in Berkeley from 1989 until Oct 2002. Due to ill health, I returned to live with my family, none of whom had the resources to come out to California and support me there.

    I am missing the Bay Area/California like crazy!! I still maintain email and phone contact with a few friends, but none of them of really get what's going on with me and IC and many friendships have slipped away. It's hard to keep up ongoing transatlantic contact, even by email, it would seem. I understand. Life for most people I know in the East Bay is hectic and full.

    I want to return to Berkeley one day and am currently working on that goal as much as my IC will allow. A good pal over there speaks with me every couple of weeks. Together, we're trying to figure this thing out.

    I would love to have email contact with anyone in the Bay Area, or indeed Northern California, who has IC. If there's anyone out there who would like to check in with me, that would be great. I like to email, am a good listener, and have a lot of history/experiences of my life in America to share.

    I would like to use the chat lines, but the time differences make it impossible. I'm 12 hours ahead of California, 5 ahead of the East Coast, and my sister doesn't have internet access at her house. I venture out when I can to an internet cafe nearby. When I'm in bad shape, that's once a week or less; when I'm in better shape, that could be every other day.

    A quick IC bio: I was diagnosed with IC in July. (Another illness brought me over Oct 2002.) It's been rough. Finding a med that works for me is proving difficult. I'm med sensitive and that make me hard to help. As I've said, I want to live again in Berkeley, but currently am unable to work and so need a very friendly angel to help with rent-free accomodation. I know! That sounds impossible, but I'm holding out for that goal to materialise. I receive SSDI/SSI (I'm an American citizen). A complimentary practice at which a friend works want to work with me at greatly reduced rates. I receive MediCare and MediCal.

    There's lots more to tell, but I'll wait and see if any one out there responds to this message.

    Final thoughts: As I write, I see Big Sur, Pacifica, down town Berkeley, Santa Cruz, Route 1, Mendocino, Lake Merritt in Oakland, my cat Metu, who I had to give up for adoption to a friend and many other places/creatures that I hold so dear.

    I hope someone replies and I wish you all well.


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    Hello, Dines

    I live in Santa Rosa, Calif., Northern Cal...

    Have had ic for 7 years. Let me Welcome you to the ICN!

    More later! Your new friend, Sue Claus.....suec
    E - Mail me any time!
    Sue C.~
    [email protected]