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  • Hello Everyone!

    Hello Everyone! i havent been on here in a while so i thought i should say hello. i'm back in school again. YAY! But i still have my flare ups and that hasnt been going too well. i keep telling myself 3 more months!! Just 3 more months till i finish high school!! And that helps a lot. Still, these last few months are going by sooo slow!! ill get through it tho.

    My mom (momofshrtstuff) hasnt been on here in a while too. She has been really busy with her business! ooooo!! ive been wanting to tell yall about this, maybe yall can help us out a bit! Ok so shes trying to get this new business together. She wants to have a coffee shop bookstore with an urban/latino theme here in kansas city. She has been working hard on trying to find a place for it, and a name and some good imports. My mom always has the greatest ideas because she has a big imagination! So im really excited about this. She not only wants the coffee shop bookstore but shes also plannning on having a chain of businesses with maybe just a company name. One of those businesses that she is wanting is a clothing line for me. She wants me to be able to be a part of her business. So here is where you guys come in. Were having a little bit of trouble with the name of the clothing line! So if you have any ideas it would be the greatest help ever!! It can be anything that is ofcourse appropriate and maybe unique and eyecatching!! Try to think about the clothing lines now like FUBU (for us by us) or GUESS or BEBE or LEI (oops! i forgot what that stood for!) But anyways those are some name that might help to inspire us! This is going to be great! have fun with this ladies... and gents!!

    Lots of Hugs to all!!