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Anyone out there from this area?

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  • Anyone out there from this area?

    Hi I am from kansas and we are snowed under, actually iced under. My husband drives the road grader and has been out all night. I don't expect him any time soon. I was just wondering if there was anyone from this area...

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    I'd have to say I'm "from" Kansas --- actually I was born in a small town called Norton --- but I grew up in southwestern Nebraska --- and moved to Oregon more years ago than I like to think about! We do get back to that area every few years to visit relatives.

    Stay safe

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      I am from Meriden, Kansas. It is about 20 minutes from Topeka. There diesn't seem to be very many on this site from this area.....


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        I am not in Kansas anymore TOTO- BUT I AM IN OKLAHOMA... and Just as Dorthy was looking for the Wizard ! I too am seeking somekind of something.... I have click my heal.. so many times to rid my self of the pain..
        I am loosing my courage, my brain is becoming much. and my heart.. oh my heart.. it aches so. for i see what my family goes thru.
        And My self.. my heart cries for myself.
        Dorthy said.. "There is no place like home"
        .. she is correct.. for our bodies are our homes.
        I WANT MINE BACK.. IC has taken my home away from feel like. and at times i feel i am getting lost in the winds.
        I keep my head high, i show no one my pain, nor express it till now.
        Tonight is just .. one of those night... as i know each of you know what i am talking about.
        ... JUST NEEDED .. TO..
        well hell... just need a friend or two..
        who knows and understand..
        .. Roxanna


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          I am from Kansas. Actually Im oringally from East Texas but I moved to Wichita in October of 2001 because my husband is in the AirForce and we live by McConnel AFB. If anyone else is near,please get in touch. Alison [img]eek.gif[/img]