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Anyone in the Oklahoma area? I need local support

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  • Anyone in the Oklahoma area? I need local support

    I have tried to find others who live in Oklahoma. I have not had much luck. If anyone is from my state, please sound off. It would be nice to know I have someone close. Thanks. [img]rolleyes.gif[/img]

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    Hi Chee Chee

    I am from Oklahoma too!!


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      Hi Chee Chee

      Do you live near Oklahoma City? If so, there is a IC support meeting held at the University Hospital once a month. They have had a break for the summer and should be starting again soon.


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        HI EVERYONE FROM OKLAHOMA, IM IN THE OKC AREA, WHEN CAN WE ALL MEET ON LINE? AND IN WHICH CHATROOM. ANY IDEAS? <img src="graemlins/angel.gif" border="0" alt="[angel]" />


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          Hey Harleyrider,
          You can meet in the regular chatroom anytime just get together on a time with each of you.
          I am not from there but have been there many times,just passing through it is such a wonderful state.
          "United We Stand,Divided We Fall"

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            Okay, I know this is really late in the conversation but I am from Oklahoma also! But, I'm not near OKC, I'm closer to Tulsa. If there is anyone near me I would love to chat. I am having a hard time finding a doctor here that knows his/her stuff about this!

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            Karen P


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              I live in Yukon which is near OK city, but I do know there is supposed to be a very good urologist in your area that knows about IC. I will try and find his name for you.


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                Email me at [email protected] if you get that name. My dr's office still hasn't called me with the referral info to see a uro, which is irritating since it has been almost 2 weeks now.

                Thanks for looking that up for me.
                Karen P