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Anyone near Topeka, Kansas?

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  • Anyone near Topeka, Kansas?

    Just wondering again if there is anyone close to me. Katiet

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    I live in Manhattan, KS, about an hour away from you.



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      I am so glad that there is someone close to me. How long have you lived in Manhattan? My brother and daughter in law both went to K-State. How long have you had IC? I know, I am asking alot of questions. I have known I had it for about a year. I am on Elmiron and ami. It has really helped me alot. My Dr. is trying to get me off of them now, don't know if it will work or not. Thanks for letting me know....


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        I have been living in Manhattan for about a year, before that we lived in Berkeley, CA. I got all my degrees back in CA. What a shock it was to move to Midwest! It took me a good part of the year just to get used to life and climate here. I still miss CA but I admit it, there are several advantages of living in KS and I do like the people here. I really really miss being close to the ocean.

        About my IC, I have had it for about 10 years. It started out slowly then got very bad almost unbearable and then went into remission for about a year in the late 90s after DMSO cocktail treatments. Now, it is managable but I have my down days.

        Nice meeting you. Hope to hear from you.



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          I too am not the far from you I live in Fort Riley, Kansas. I have just been diagnosed with I.C. Looking for support and to give if I can. So I look forward to talk with you.


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            I think it would be really nice to have someone close to talk with. Many years ago I lived in Ogden, Ks. My husband was in the army. If you would like to email me personally that would be fine... Katiet