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Looking for a good Dr. in Seattle Washington

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  • Looking for a good Dr. in Seattle Washington

    Hey I am looking for a dr in Seattle that is especailly good with IC any suggestions are great!

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    Hi, I do not know personally of any doc in Seattle, but how about the University of Washington may have a doc there who is knowledgeable. I know if I had not been diagnosed, there was mention of me being sent there to find out what was going on. Hope you find a doc, let us know how you get on, hugs Iris. hi
    Today and every day you are loved, so don't be anxious about tomorrow, God will take care of you tomorrow; Live one day at a time.


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      Hey Kristan,
      I just sent you a private message.
      Good luck..
      Do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around..that's what it's all about..whoooo!
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      our creativity,
      or our glorious uniqueness.
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        Female Doc Karny Jacoby in Mountlake Terrace, WA--North of Seattle on I-5.
        I know this post is old, but just in case you didn't find a good one yet.
        If you did, who may I ask that you saw??


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          The U is good - Jane Miller and the nurse practiioner who is easier to get to see. But I'm in s. Seattle so I see Emily Bradley at Minopr and James. She also works more north. She doesn't know a lot about IC but she is ameniable to trying therapies I hear about. PV
          I got IC in 1970! I was not diagnosed until 1991. I've tried many drugs and therapies but I tend to only resort to drugs when in a flare because when I am not in a flare (from being good on diet), I suffer only from small bladder volume (like about 7 ozs.) and peeing will relieve the discomfort. When I am feeling relatively normal, I say to myself I am glad I am not on a drug. When I am in a flare, I say, why am I not on a drug! I've recently have been trying to solve my connective issue problems in general. I look to diet and herbs mostly unless it gets really bad. I still think there is great hope for each individual finding a path to healing and there are many.