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West Tx anyone????

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  • West Tx anyone????

    Hi Im from Monahans,a spot on the map in West Tx about 40 miles to Odesssa/Midland. I go to San Antonio for treatment and have great MD and therapist there, but it is a llllooonnngggg 375 miles from my home,about 15 bathroom stops, Would LOVE to have someone near to talk with. I am the only person my pain MD in Odessa knows w/ IC. I have never met anyone else w/ it/
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    How far are you from Andrews? My in-laws live there and we could get together and talk sometime when I am there if it is very close. I live in the Dallas area.
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    DX: IC - November 2002 after hysterectomy
    Interstim implanted March 2006 - died May 2011
    Interstim replacement June 2011
    Meds: Pain meds, muscle relaxer, cystex, and marcaine bladder instills as needed.
    Docs: Pain management doc, urologist, family practice


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      Sonja, who do you see in San Antonio? I've only been able to find one person in town to go to, and although I'd really like at some point to try pelvic floor physical therapy again, have had NO luck finding a pelvic floor physical therapist in the area. I know this post is old, so I hope you'll see this. KTDID