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    I am all new to this for the last six years I had thought that having a hysterectomy is what I needed and so that is what I did on 6-3-03 come to find out that I have IC and the pain is still here and worse.......I had no idea this was coming from IC and now I know the pain is here to stay ..........not sure why it is worse ........I have logged myself @40 times a day and no end in site.........would love to talk to other people that have the same problem as I do ........if that is possible Cheryl
    Wish you well......

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    Hi Cheryl,
    You didn't mention what treatment you are trying. There are many options now and hopefully one will give you some relief.

    I live in the Fort Worth area but I think I have seen some on here from your area. There might also be a support group in your area. They list the support groups somewhere here on the site, I am just not sure where. Hang around here, we are always here to talk to and maybe someone closer to your area will also reply.

    Jolene grouphug

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    IC diet cheat sheet....

    Information for Patients can be found here.

    Jen's tips for great IC sex..[/url]

    Newbie Angel...I will be happy to answer any questions or just listen. Email me at [email protected]

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      Hello I am also in Austin Tx and can give you the best uros & PT's names
      if you type in IC docs his name is the only one that comes up.
      I just got my T.E.N.S unit from my PT hoping it worksI will let you know
      Be grateful when you are feeling good,and graceful when you are feeling bad


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        Hi Cab,

        I live in Round Rock and was just diagnosed a couple weeks ago. There is a support group down in Austin off of Red River led by doctor James Reeves. My urologist suggested I go and maybe start seeing him instead, since he is more into the IC treament thing.

        I haven't been to the support group yet, but I think I'll check out the next one.



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          Tim my uro is in RoundRock he specializes in IC
          The support group is at 3100 RedRiver the guys name is Roy Grafford # 250-5840 The next meeting is Monday 8/11 they meet the second Monday in the month.
          I havent been yet but if anyone would like to go leave me a messege,
          Be grateful when you are feeling good,and graceful when you are feeling bad


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            Just want to mention that I also live in Austin. I was diagnosed in December and am adjusting to this cruel new world of I.C. I went to the IC meeting in January (on Red River) and will probably go to the next one on Feb 9 at 6:30.