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Looking for good IC doctor in Texas.

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  • Looking for good IC doctor in Texas.

    Can anyone recommend a good IC doctor in Texas that is current on IC and willing to help their patients with pain medications? I've looked at the listing here on the ICN site but would like to have honest feedback on good personal experiences with a doctor. Thanks, Jo

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    All of the doctors listed on this site have been recommended by IC patients. (Just in case you don't hear from anyone, I thought it might help to know that.)

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      Thanks Donna, If my gyno can't help me with pain meds or recommend a pain specialist I will have to try to find a urologist that is more up to date with IC medicines and treatments. Been wondering about the urological association that is north of Houston and was hoping that whoever had recommended them for this board would give me some personal feedback on them or hopefully any doctor within a reasonable driving distance. Thanks, Jo


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        Of the six urologists I've been to in San Antonio, I found one that did very well at fixing my prostate cancer, but haven't found any that would even seem to consider the possibility of IC in a male (my potassium leak test WAS negative). I have a good pain medicine doc. She just started me on Elmiron (since none of the urologists suggested it); she's done three hypogastric plexus blocks (one of which worked for a short while) and is saying I should consider an Interstim trial as a possibility for the future. She is going to get me a TENS unit. I'm scheduled to see an M.D. who does acupuncture next week (though she mostly sees sports medicine cases).

        I've heard of a few good IC docs in Austin; but are you closer to Houston anyway? Of other Central Texas members on this bulletin board, Bunni's in Austin, Linda Lee's in Devine, and Stephen is here in San Antonio.


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          Jo, I see you're in Central TX. I'm just north of Dallas and my uro is in Plano. His name is Dr. Allen Freeman and he's wonderful. He has always listened to my ideas and has never had a problem giving me meds. His nurse is even more current than he is on IC. She has been w/ him for over twenty years and knows so much about it. They are very, very compassionate and "up on things." If you're interested, pm me and I'll get ya his address and phone number.
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            Dear Jim and Alyson, Thank you both for your answers and offers of help. Brownwood is the closest large town to me but currently doesn't have an urologist. Abilene is about an hour away and Houston, several hours. I would consider going there though or as Alyson suggested, Plano, if my gyno can't offer any help. I will find out this next week. Thanks again, Jo


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              Jo, I'm just south of San Antonio and my uro is on the north side of San Antonio in the medical center there. He was at the Cleveland Clinic and participated in the original trials using DMSO. He's very compassionate and caring and doesn't hesitate to prescribe pain meds when I need them.

              If this is within driving distance for you, please email me and I'll give you his name and phone number.


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                Thanks Sweetie, My GP can help me some with ordering B&O suppositories for extreme pain but I won't be getting them until next week. Hopefully, this will help me hang on to some sanity for a little while longer, I hope! Our area hospital is still trying to recruit an urologist but there are none in the near future.
                So, if this doesn't help me, I may be hollering for help. Thanks again, Jo