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  • Utah

    Has anyone found any urologists that helped them in either northern Utah or Southern Nevada?

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    Hi LJ,

    I used to live in Utah. I was a patient of Dr. Elizabeth Graul's. She is great. Her office is in Murray, just outside of Salt Lake City. She specializes in women's issues. She is a uro/gyn and gave up delivering babies in 1998. The uro that I see in Green Valley, NV, just outside of Las Vegas is Dr. Michael Kaplan. He has been okay. He referred me to a pain management specialist because he said there really wasn't much else he could do for me. He's right, I've tried everything and the girls in his office worked really hard to get me into the pain doc's office. There was about a two month wait and they got it down to two weeks. My good friend that also has IC is seeing a uro in Vegas named Laurie Larsen. She really likes her. I have an appointment with her the first week of October.

    I hope this helps.

    Good Luck!!
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      I am also a patient of Dr. Grauls. She was a good friend of mine in High School and her office is wonderful. They are so kind. I live in SLC and her office is only 6-7 miles from my house. She is very caring and understands this disease.
      I was so excited to hear that Lisa also went to her and I will see her this week for my weekly instillations.



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        Dr Rigby is in SLC and also has an office in Sandy. He really knows his stuff regarding IC


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          re/; utah urologists

          Hello LJ

          I live in northern Utah, I go to the tanner clinic in layton, and my
          urologists name is doctor henderson, he was the first uro I went to and on the second visit is when he tested me for IC, he is older but knew enough about Ic to test me for it quickly.

          hope this helps.
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