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urologist in Houston?

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  • urologist in Houston?

    I'm looking for a GOOD AND COMPREHENSIVE Dr. in Houston, and with EXPERIENCE in INTERSTIM therapy.
    Please help me!!!, I know there is one that has implanted a lot of interstims, his name is Dr. Nery Flores
    Does someone know him?

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    Hi Lindsey and Welcome to the ICN! [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]

    I can't help you with a Uro in Texas but maybe someone else will see the post and answer. I know there are several here at the ICN from Texas.

    "Faith precedes the Miracle"


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      Why not try someone at Methodist like Dr. Guerrierro?


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        I was not able to check the messages, my computer was sick!!!!!!!
        Does Dr. Guerriero is trained in Interstim therapy?


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          Call Dr. Guerriero at Methodist in Houston, make an appointment, bring all of your IC medical records--the better you are organized the easier he is to work with--and let him go from there. If he thinks interstim is in order, he will certainly refer you if he does not do the procedure himself. He is top of the line. Phone No. 713-796-1500.

          He is not on the IC list, but has done pioneering work. He trained with my uro who died last summer--who was on the list--and they both consulted with each other extensively. In this region of Texas, you can't get much better than Guerriero.

          He is a "no holes barred" urologist, is very business-like and professional, won't mess with something that is working, and first and foremost will not play a delaying action. Methodist is also a teaching hospital and is on the cutting edge with urinary problems of all kinds.

          Interestingly, he does not agree even 80% with what my uro was doing, but would not change anything, because my treatment is working.

          I was in awful pain when I went to see Guerriero in Jan. 3; the next day I was in surgery having a hydro for pain relief. The only thing he said to me was why didn't you make an appointment when the pain worsened!