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Nevada IC Doc?

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  • Nevada IC Doc?

    Does anyone know of a good IC doc in Nevada?

    I live in the Reno area.
    If you need (or just want) a website, I can help. [email protected]

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    Good IC Doc in Nevada


    I left a message for Judy from Gardnerville that reads as follows:

    I have who I consider a wonderful urologist, Dr. Joseph Drew of Reno-Tahoe Urology. He has helped me a lot and is educated in IC. If you want his telephone number please pm me. He has me on Elmiron 400mgs per day and Prelief. I get all my other meds through my GP who is also quite helpful, but doesn't know much about IC. However, he is educating himself on the disease and as he says "We are learning to deal with it together". I insist that my doctors become partners in my healing process. This is the only way it works for me. I also practice a number of holistic approaches to IC of which they are both aware.

    Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth


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      Would you 2............

      like to go to ic meetings in Reno?

      [email protected]
      [email protected]


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        Hi Sue, Yes Sascha has already gotten together with Judy from Gardnerville and I unfortunately missed it : ( We want t have regular support get togethers!

        I too like Sascha go to Dr. Drew here in Reno. He has really come along with me in ic treatments and I would recommend him to you as well. You might need to find another general Dr tho if you need pain meds as he does not give them. He has really helped me with my hydro and instils and I love his office staff, theyre great.

        I hope to get to chat with you soon Sue! Feel free to email me anytime ok!

        warm hugs, Debbie
        [FONT="Comic Sans MS"] [/Had some kind of bladder surgery at age 8. Severe frequency since a child. Diagnosed with ic in 2000.
        Hysterectomy for severe carcinoma insitu
        1994..1997 ovaries removed
        First hydro 2005 inflamatory polyps removed,trigonitis,urethritis, ic
        severe urethral stricture.April 2008-gallbladder removed..BRUTAL!
        Hashimotos throiditis
        angiomyolipomas of the kidney
        Medications:,atarax50mg,prilosec 20 mg,. Oxycontin 10 mg.up to 3xday, 20 mg oxycontin at bedtime.zocor 40 mg.,synthroid 112.mcg a day.
        I use a natural compounded hormone cream made for me, with estrogen,testosterone and progesterone.

        'TO PEE OR NOT TO PEE' is definately NOT the question for me!!!!!!! :

        Big hugs to all my ic friends!