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Donna Reagan is alive & kicking - Hi ya'll

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  • Donna Reagan is alive & kicking - Hi ya'll

    Hey gals --

    Sorry I haven't been on the boards in such a long time - I've missed chatting but I've been so busy having fun with a new project!

    I'll spare you the details about my new least now. I think I'll wait til we meet and then I'll just talk and talk and talk and drive you all crazy. (You might want to bring a roll of duck-tape for my ever-flapping lips.)

    I'm just kidding - I won't talk THAT much!

    SO - are we still meeting on July 29th ?

    Hope so - let me know! I'd love to be there -- love to put faces & names together.

    Note to Redstonebef: Thanks to you (& Rhonda) for pulling this thing together. Sorry it took me this long to get back with you. When I don't get on the internet for awhile - it sometimes takes FOREVER to access all of my email because I have to delete a lot of messages out before I can get the others -- which means I've got to read most of them before I delete....except for the spam, of course. (I'll bet the company that makes SPAM - the fake meat - just hates the bad rep its gotten thanks to the new reference. And does anyone ever really eat that stuff???? OK - who cares...just a rambling unimportant thought...) OK - so anyway - hope we're still meeting.

    I THINK WE NEED TO EXCHANGE at the very least - OUR EMAIL ADDRESSES. Sometimes its still hard for me to get on the ICN boards - so I think we need to have ways to communicate directly. AND I have no problem giving ya'll my phone number. I figure - "I've got caller ID - if it turns out that you annoy me even more than I annoy you - I don't have to answer my phone!" Ain't technology great? OK, just kidding - maybe.

    Anyhoo -- email me directly & I will email back my phone number & maybe we can get a quick phone chain going so we can make sure who all is coming? What do you think?

    My email: [email protected]

    Note to Dyno: Sorry I didn't respond earlier - see my above excuses, blah blah blah
    re: Ft. Worth uro. I see Dr. Michael England - he's a uro-gyno that works out of the same office building as your Dr. Moore & that Dr. Lamensdorf (I looked up the addresses) I don't know if they work out of the same office, though. Anyway - I've really only seen my actual uro twice. I started seeing him back in early April (I think). I fell in love with him immediately because he listened to me - validated the fact that I was in pain - he actually examined me (my former uro didn't take the time) AND the big thing...he did NOT act shocked, or even amused when I told him of my "creative" home therapy I had to do one night because I had had a horrifying experience with my former uro & a DMSO treatment that didn't want to leave my spasming body. As a matter of fact - Dr. England looked at me like I was a genius! (I'll tell you about my special therapy at lunch - it's kind of "gross" - and I think that's the best time to discuss gross things - don't you?

    The second time I saw him - I had to repeat to him several times that I did NOT want to even consider the interstim at this time because I've heard "horror" stories. He tried to convince me otherwise, saying..."I don't put too much emphasis on horror stories" and I said: "Sure -- you're not considering putting it in YOUR back." I then said, "I NEED you to HEAR me when I say: I will NOT consider the interstim now. PERIOD." He finally shut up about it.

    Dr. England is up on the whole IC & PFD thing - he even suggested Botox treatments. I told him I'd have to research that one. (For now I'm thinking - "No thanks") His office is VERY BUSY and the last visit I had to wait over 2 hours to see him. I was a little miffed because I was in a substantial amount of pain. And when he had made his grand entrance into the exam room, the first words out of my smart mouth were: "Well I hope you plan on being real patient with me NOW - 'cause I've been real patient waiting for you for over 2 hours!" He handled my comment. I think that says a little about his character.

    Anyway - I ADORE his nurse. She is a saint. She's very good at call-backs & she actually listens as if she really does care about you as a PERSON. Enough said about that. I'll be happy to answer other questions - just email me and be patient.

    Now - look how long this is? Is it any wonder I don't log on the boards that much? It's like I can't write a small paragraph - I've got to write a chapter. blah blah blah. My poor self-centered ego - apparently it needs some attention today. Thank you for letting me get it.


    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Hugs, Prayers, & Laughter

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    Thank-you so much for the info. As of now Dr. England is not on my insurance. I do see a Dr. Price tomorrow. I'll see how it goes. I hate insurance companies and all the restraints they put on us. I unfortunatly can't make it to lunch. My schedule is so full right now. I am on here a lot but I work from home so I am able to check it from time to time durnig the day. But it is so nice to have people to talk to about this. I have gained so much knowledge and confidence from this message board, I am not even reminding my husband of my appt. tomorrow, I am going by myself. I will be just fine and I know what I will and will not let him do and that is just the way it is. Thanks again, we will talk again I am sure. [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]

    "Life is what happens when you are making other plans" John Lennon

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    Newbie Angel...I will be happy to answer any questions or just listen. Email me at [email protected]

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      Donna hello. I am glad to hear that you are still alive and doing fine. YES, we are still meeting Monday the 29th at 12:30 at the Embassy Suites in Dallas. I am glad to know that you are coming. I think there are several coming. Look forward to seeing you. Hugs