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    I couldn't find a message board for the Stupid file so I just posted here. Maybe we should have one. Can you believe this story I am going to tell. I went to the country yesterday to help my granddaughter celebrate her 4th birthday. My oldest grandchild will be 19 and the youngest is 1. I am 55. I have so many health problems and my IC. Well. everyone was riding the horses I have not been on one in 27 years but I grew up riding them. I decided to get on the wildest one they had and galloped it just a little ways. Bye the time I got it stopped my bladder leaked all over me and when my son-in-law helped me down my veridego was so bad I could hardly stand and my daughters came running from the house to help me. I had to take my seizure meds. and lay down. My husband did not get to go to the party has been so mad at me. Now tell me what in the world got into this grandmother. I guess I still think I can do anything I learned very quickly that the body will not tolorate such actitivites any more. Just thought I would share this little story. At least i didn't fall off. Ha. Hugs


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    Hurray for you grand mother, that sounds like something I would do, but not horses, all my grand kids were riding bike, and the kids said come on gram hop on, and so I did, we were riding around in the 2 car garage, well it was my turn to ride, (picture this) it was a 10 speed bike with the high seats, well when it came stop to stop, the seat was up my uno and I could not get down from the seat, so I just let the bike fall over and me with it, I bend my glasses and scraped all my eye brows off my one side of my head, I have a scar there now, and no eye brows grew back on. It is funny now, I want to thank you for giving me the best laugh of the day about you and the horsey ride.
    Good Luck to all. We need more humor on this site.Everyone should take a turn.. [img]smile.gif[/img]


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      I think you are both angel grandmothers to care enough about your grandchildren to be humiliated and in pain but still give them something to smile about for years to come!
      Thanks for sharing! [img]smile.gif[/img]

      "Faith precedes the Miracle"