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Hot flashes need doctor in dallas area

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  • Hot flashes need doctor in dallas area

    Hi Everyone,
    I was diagnosed with IC a few months ago by a urologist in dallas. i like this doctor (dr. porter with dallas urology), but he does not address hormone issues. i need a doctor that is familiar with ic and menopause.

    I am all organic and do well with the diet, but at night i sweat so bad and toss and turn as a result and am "hot and then chilled ALL NIGHT." i can not go on like this.

    But i tried hormone replacement and bioidentical hormones and the estragin gives me ic flairs but i can take progesterone. so does anyone have a great ob that you can refere me to? i perfer the dallas prespretarian hospital area, but will travel anywhere to get help.

    I look forward to any suggestions thank you,