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  • Looking For Doctor In Houston Area

    Does anyone know of a good female urologist in the Houston area that helps people with IC? I have been to a couple of male urologists but I think I really would feel more comfortable with a female.
    Miss Bessie

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    Several nurses that my family know in Houston have recommended Dr. Smith... he's a he, but does specialize in treating IC. I think he has a lecture and/or profile of his pratice here under the dr lectures or maybe it's just a profile about his practice, I can''t remember. I did have a female urologist where I live but as I've always had male gyns I don't think I'd be anymore bothered by having a male uro. But, there are soooo many urologists in Houston, there must be some excellent female drs who specialize in IC. Best wishe


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      From what I understand, houston doesn't have too many good IC docs, especially female ones. My sister in law has traversed Houston, San Antone and Dallas looking for help. I was lucky enough to find a wonderful dr here in Dallas. She found one in Ft Worth that she likes. I see Dr Carley, she sees Dr England. Dr. Carley is a urogynecologist, he also has another doc @ his practice who IS a urogyne. Her name is Muriel Boreham. Their office staff is great, and Dr Carley is very professional and softspoken. He does your exam and then lets you get dressed and meet in the office instead of talking to you while you're all in your glory... They ONLY work with women, IC patients, as well as people with pelvic floor dysfunction, etc. Hope this helps!


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        HI Amymichelle,
        I live in Houston and have a fantastic IC uro....he's a he though.....but great just the same. His name is David Mobley. He has a big urology practice and does a radio talk show once a day about urological problems. Roxie

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