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by next week I promise I will get all the papers together

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  • by next week I promise I will get all the papers together

    My sister is trying to email me papers that have to do with tax exempt for different states for the H&G fund raiser kit. I cant down load it...GGGRRRRRRRR..I may just drive the 107 miles down there and pickit up so we can get started. We might not make tons for a fund raiser but it will be a heck of alot more than we have now. I wish there was some way we could get some one from each state to do some lobbing for funds too for IC research. I think we could go fast than we are if that could hapen..did the lady golfer just get well and ride off into the sunset..she is theonly famous person that I know about that would be of any use to get tthe word out there quickly..alot of door could be opened by her..I know the write up in people magazine about her said she was at the point of takingher own life. because of the pain and the song goes.."this aint no game ...this is life"
    And hard to live for so many as you can see I am on my soap box tonight! when I get all the papers..flyers etc that I can email or send I will contact each and every one of you I hope to add to this growing list. Hugs hope and Hold on cause there has to be a cure some day for this. Peg [img]frown.gif[/img]