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Low cost pain treatment in southern California?

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  • Low cost pain treatment in southern California?

    I don't know what I'm going to do when my insurance runs out. I could probably afford the medications I need, but there's no way I can afford the monthly office visits to get the prescriptions. My pain clinic is 180 a month just to walk through the door, even though the appointments always take less than 10 minutes and I always get the same prescriptions. When I lived in Maine I used a woman's clinic, which was wonderful. I only had to come in every three months (unless I felt I needed to come in before that) to get a urine analysis and a basic check up, and other than that I just called when I needed my prescriptions refilled. I don't even think any of my doctors out here in California will agree to see me if I don't have insuance. Does anyone know of a community program or a women's center in southern california that is willing to treat chronic pain? I have extensive medical records documenting my diagnosis and treatment thus far, so proving I have IC and have been treated for chronic pain wouldn't be a problem.

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    I live in NC but do have Medicare for the office visits but no presc coverage. There are indigent programs but yes the monthly pain dr visits are unreal. I have heard of the Canadian presc web sites and are going to check into some things. Supposedly their are legitimate ones and somethings gotta change it is almost impossible to live. I have to travel almst 4 hrs round trip to my pain dr and stil get harressed and go once a month for 75 pills. Its a joke. Good luck. [img]confused.gif[/img]

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