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wasted $ on meds that cause flares

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  • wasted $ on meds that cause flares

    Is there anything I can do to recoup any of the $183 I spent on Elmiron, only to have it backfire on me and cause major flares? I am so very sensitive to drugs, and ll the costs lately have really hurt us financially.

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    I can't help you get back anything you have already spent, but one thing I do when I get a new prescription is to buy only enough to last for a few days to a week. Then if I have a bad reaction, I haven't spent money on a whole month supply. Even if the prescription says 100, you can ask the pharmacist to fill it with less and pick up the rest later.

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      waht a wonderful idea, I have spent so much money on costly rx's and was stuck with pills I couldn't take and the loss of the cash...
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        This does really suck!!

        I hate coming out the pocket for meds - since i'm not diagnosed yet - I keep having to come out of the pocket for antibiotics they prescribe to treat UTI's that seem to make my flares worse the last one cost me $105 dollars alone!!! I too wish I could be remembursed!!! Im sure there are many moer meds to be tried on me yet!!!

        Hope someone out there has a solution for this too!!

        Stay True,
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          Hi that happened to me sj with Elmiron, we tried it once and it did not help and then like a fool I tried it again and paid for another prescription, so I was out of pocket twice. I was the idiot I should have tried the Elmiron I still had, stupid me. I like the idea that Donna suggested just getting a few and see if it helps, I never thought of that at all, take care Iris hi hat
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            I know what you mean about money wasted on meds. At one point before I was diagnosed I had 50 bottles of pills sitting around that didnt do a thing for IC. Also on Medicare (which is what you get with SSI) prescriptions arent covered and that is when you need monetary help most, when you go on disability. I guess I need to write to my Congressman.


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              Well, if it makes you feel any better, when I first read your post I read "$1831" instead of "$183 I...." so in re-reading it, I technically saved you $1000. wink


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                Even though this posting is too late for you, perhaps people who are really sensative to meds. can get a few day's supply from the makers of Elmiron. Explain the sitution, and see if they are generous. Of course, it takes a long time to see if the meds. will help the bladder.