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    Hi everone. I am new to this site so I am trying to figure everything out. I think that I am in the right place to ask a question. Has anyone out there in cyber-land ever had an e-stim surgically implanted? I don't think that I have the proper name for it, but my doc is wanting me to have it done. I have had great success for my ic pain with an e-stim machine. I was just wandering if the surgery will be worth the trouble. I don't know if I can find my way back in here to get replys!! I hope that i will!!!

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    I think you're talking about Interstim. There's a lot on this site about it. When you say E-stim, do you mean a TENS unit? This area is a little fuzzy to me. I tried the internal one and it about killed me. Is there something else besides an external TENS unit called E-stim?

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      Diane seems right about what you are talking about. They are not meant to treat pain, only frequency and urgency. Although pain is sometimes improved as well. Some people have had a lot of difficulties so if you are interested in it make sure you have a doctor very educated in it. That is the difference between success and major failure.
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      IC Volunteers are not medical authorities nor do we offer medical advice. In all cases, we strongly encourage you to discuss your medical treatment with your personal medical care provider. Only they can, and should, give medical recommendations to you.
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        I have the Interstim implanted, and it is well worth the trouble. is VERY costly, so make sure the benefit will outweigh the cost. Also, it is not meant for pain.
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          Thank you for all who have replied to my question. I am sorry that I have not answered back sooner. I think that what I am talking about is the same thing you guys have had implanted. My doc told me that this is usually used for urgency and frequency, but it works really well with my pain. My physical therapist tried the tens unit on my abdomen, but it didn't really work. But when we got an electrical lead that fit into my vagina, it really worked well. She said that I just needed it closer to my bladder. Anyway, I have tried to talk to my doc about getting one of these units at home, but he is insistent on me getting the implantable one. I have been reading about it on the message board and the surgery doesn't really seem as successful as I would have liked. I go to the pain management doc on dec. 12th to discuss the surgery. Hopefully I will get the answers that I need.



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            I can understand your hesitation. When I first read about the Interstim, I was scared and had made up my mind that it was not for me! But then I tried so many different treatments and all failed, so I opted for the surgery, and it is the best thing I have ever done for myself. Please don't let the boards sway your decision. For one thing, I'm sure there are lots of people around the country with the Interstim implanted, and they're probably not posting because they don't need any support--they have their lives back.

            As with any treatment, there are risks, and sadly for some people the Interstim as failed. No treatment is fool proof.

            Anyway, just do your research--but not opinionated, do facts. And also what I did, is I asked my doctor for the phone numbers of both his success and not so successful patients. That helped also, after I had researched the facts.

            Good luck with your decision! Maybe your doctor will let you get a TENS unit for home!

            Hugs and love,
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              Can you tell me how much your implant cost? I would like to know before I go to the doc. I really would LOVE to have the home unit. It would cost a lot less I'm sure. I think that I will probably go ahead with the surgery. My husband really wants me to have it done. I will let you know what happens at my doc appt.

              Thank you!!!


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                Well for the two surgeries, the total so far is up past 30,000...that's because my insurance refused to cover since they say my IC is pre-existing. But I'm signing up for community care, if you have anymore questions I'd be happy to help, you can Private Message me.

                Hugs and love,
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                  Jessica-I just got a computer not too long ago so I'm not very good with it. Can you tell me how to send you a message privately? Or I can give you my e-mail. [email protected]


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                    Hi Christine--

                    I emailed you. A private message can be done by, going by my name up there and I think it's a piece of two people shaking hands and says Private Message, you click that.
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                      HI there I have had my interstim since april and love it my urgency is gone and my frequency was cut in half
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