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I have ran a multimillion dollar business before for years

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  • I have ran a multimillion dollar business before for years

    This candle thing has been working great for alot of people..schools etc..Since it is a fund raiser We dont even have to pay shipping and the account that we could set up with Jill is tax exempt...non profit business money. the books are a piece of cake..they are kept just like in the dental field for example...

    01-12-03 john doe 1524 5th ave portland Oregon
    heating pad 30.00

    Lets say the account has 38,000.00 in it

    then you would put the ledger as such

    all the above info then 38,000.00
    johndoe " " 30.00 37,970.00

    As long as your record keeping is like doing a file on a patient and you show where all the money went then there is ZERO PROBLEMS.
    If a person worried about wether the money that was sent out was being used for that purpose then a debit/credit card from the account can be used....I know this because when I lived in eugene for awhile and was seperated from my husband I needed a perscription paid for and Michael just paid for it over the phone and stated that the card was for a one time use at that amount..IWe had no problems..I recieved a reciept but not any numbers from the account on it..

    It is so easy and I am working full time but I have off fridays and if a fund was started all I would need is the amount sent out and to whom and for what. With Home and garden there are people in ever state just a phone call away toll free to ask any questions. I am positive that we could do this and like I said I would pay for postage of any kind and give the dollar I would earn on each jar candle to the fund..I also earn a commision and the stamps etc could come out of that.....we can do this everyone.My children that are grown are into marketing and they even had a tv add going at night on a mainstream channel..We could even take a few dollars..its really cheap and say..if you have these symptoms please got to the icn for answers to all yor questions..I will give 100% of my time I have to give to do this.I think that is is soooo worth it. Maybe we could not only help people but also get the word out to those that were like us.suffering with IC and agonizing because their doctor did not know about diagnosing IC....I am really excited and am willing to get things rolling. I will also talk with a tax or business attorney to see what if any blocks are in the way but I think it is just this simple.

    If each of us just sold a few candles we could make a big difference in some peoples lives....Thanks for letting me write so long...I will get to visit with Donna and talk more about this to her..we live close to each other and I am going down to the town tomorrow to my sisters so we get to meet!

    Hugs and hope..Peg

    PS if my sisters friend could do a fund raiser every year with these jar candles and come up with 38,000.00 we could do it to.!!!!!

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    Keep us posted [img]biggrin.gif[/img] My biggest luxery are laying in bed in the middle of the night when I can't sleep and lighting every candle I own. My hubby is candle paranoid so I can't burn them while he is up, but when the cats away.....this mouse will always play [img]wink.gif[/img]

    And, I am DEFINATELY not talented enough to even attempt something like this but how about a base ball cap that says "I'm having a bad IC day"....that should draw attention [img]biggrin.gif[/img]

    Or, something much know how we put our handicap permit on the about a sticker that we can lay in the dash that says "I suffer from IC, a dreadful, painfull bladder disease with no cure. For more information please call 1-800=what ever??????????
    Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".


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      Hi terri..I havent talked to you in a long time I am glad we are running ideas through our brains..The jar candles sell them selves..people like them cause they are in a jar hard to tip over..made in the USA..hand poured so they smell exactly like thy say they will down to the very las flame and have no poisious lead in the wick..did you know that some candles do..rub your wick on some white paper if it doesnt have burn marks already on it..if the white paper turns a bit grey you are burning lead in your home. Jill had a good idea where we could put the jar candle flyer on the web page and we could download or copy an orderform and submit it via email with the money..Jill could then keep the monies all except what I need to pay for the order and then the order would be drop shipped to your door..I dont handle the merchandise which is nice.I just place an order pay by my debit/credit card and input an address to ship to and then UPS and H&G does the rest.

      If you can type on a computer and talk on the phone you can do it from home and never leave the house..Ha but true..I just have to get this straight in my mind and with H&G that if doing it this way is still OK because you cannot take products and sell them in a store but this would be different.The ICN is not a store. MY husband thinks im stupid..that I couldnt put this together..but thats what I did for a living in a way..lots of PR work..Making appointments for work on teeth..and balance out books and place prodct orders all the time...Home and garden also has a 100% dont like it you tell them its not right and you keep the product and you get a refund or credit for soething els..which ever way you like.Im going to try and send you a flyer of the jar candles Teri lets see if I can do it from this peg cant do it will have to email you peg


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        I think it's a great idea. I can't sell them over the phone, I live out in the boonies, and each call costs me .10. It adds up fast. I would be able to sell them on e-bay, one local call could do a lot of selling, plus I just ordered a nice camera from HSN, so I could take pictures of the candles. Good luck on the idea, I am for it. Sounds easy, we could send them out just the way they are packed.


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          I know we can do this. I was just at my sisters house out in eugene. We had a meeting of Home and garden people that have signed up with her..not like tupperware or amway.These folks know how to laugh and have a fun time..I needed to laugh.

          I dont know why I am crying now but it makes me feel good that even a handful of you all are willing to help and make a difference is some peoples life. I guess its because I was dirt poor at one time when I had the kids..We rented a place that had no walls or sheet rock over the wiring..People would make fun of us calling the kids the "cracker box" kids cause it looked lie we lived in a cracker box..I am what alot of people would call rich now..and in my heart back then I was rich too and blessed even more so by knowing all of you.

          I think God decided that if some one had to have this disease he would find the toughest most compasionist people there are because thats what I think of you all..Im not depressed I just cant stop crying..I am blessed because I dont have IC bad like most of you and after fighting with my doc I have access to any pain meds that I need . I work full time now..for years so I dont have to go through everything all of you do and yet there you are saying "I am here..let me help some one else". I will work out the details and get back to all of you. I need to send you all a form for tax that no one has to pay taxes on the jar candles...some one said that there are about 5000 people that come here or are signed in..I hope others will see your strength and compassion and help out.

          On a good note I had a car wreck..not my fault but I had to get an attorney and I told her about the Jar candles..I am supposed to bring in a catalog ASAP She said she loves candles and her family does too...well I better sign off for now and go blow my nose and wipe my eyes...I was sooo tired today but didnt want to miss the meeting because I had so many questions and because of the car wreck my neck and upper back hurts and keeps me from sleeping so off to bed.......may God bless you as you have blessed others...hugs peg