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  • Instillation

    Maybe this will help. I have been around the block a few times to get my cost down MY UROGYNE DID NOT KNOW HOW MUCH IT COST. I would be surprised if your MD knows how much you are paying.

    Instills at urogyne office: $113. I have to drive 90 miles one way to his office.
    Instills in my MD office at home: $140 and I supply the meds
    Instill compounded at my MD and I do instill: charge for office visit and I supply meds.
    Compounded instills at retail pharmacy: $140 for 36

    Instills I compound with meds and supplies from retail pharmacy:
    Medicine: co-pay for each meds (lidocaine, heparin and sodium bicarbonate are all generic and come in vials) Rx must be written for meds, not compounded instills
    Durable supplies from retail pharmacy: $1 per syringe $4 per catheter $15 needles (box of 100)
    YOU MUST HAVE A PRESCRIPTION FOR THE SUPPLIES..“druggie you know” Compounding Pharmacies will have the syringes, needles and catheters.

    I compound instillations with medicine from retail pharmacy and buy supplies from durable supplier (where you buy wheelchairs, crutches, etc):
    Medicines: co-pay at retail pharmacy
    Supplies: negotiated price from durable supplies provider (the place that sell wheelchairs, crutches, braces etc)
    After my deductible:
    syringe $0.10 each
    catheter $1.00 each (my urogyne allows me to use catheter 4 times if I follow his instructions…posted in link “ my helpful hints for instills”)
    needles: $15 per 100 (the needles are not covered by my insurance but my durable supplies provider sells them to me at cost)

    My insurance will pay for 90 day supply for the 30 day co-pay (if the prescription is written for 90 days, not 30 with 3 refills) This benefit is in small print in my insurance member handbook. I found out quite by accident that durable supplies for syringe and catheters were covered by my insurance..soooo

    My instill for 90 days if I use each catheter 4 times is:
    $22 for catheters
    $13 for needles
    $9.00 syringes
    $15 ($5 co-pay for 3 meds)medicines

    About $0.70 each
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