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Celexa vs Lexapro

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  • Angeles
    I see you are taking Elavil (low dosis) and also Prozac. Have you tried Effexor (SNRI antidresant) or Paxil (SSRI antidepresant) to help treat your depression? The reason I mention these 2 names are b/c I've heard some people with VV take them and helps them with depression AND Pain.
    Right now I'm on 5mg to 10mg of Elavil to help with the pain. But I'm looking for an antidepressant to treat my depression.
    Is it ok to take Elavil AND another type of antidepressant at the same time to treat your depression?
    I get different answers and I'm waiting for my appointment with a doctor in 1 month to have these questions clarified. However I have the hunch he may not be familiarized with vulvodynia, IC etc so I'm trying to do my research prior to that visit.

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  • Briza
    started a topic Celexa vs Lexapro

    Celexa vs Lexapro

    Just an FYI
    When I my GP put me on Celexa for depression/anxiety/ and hopefully some pain relief, I asked her about Lexapro, because I noticed that many here are trying that and I don't see many trying Celexa. She said that now that there is a generic of Celexa (CHEAP) they came out with Lexapro (No generic, so expensive), and the chemical makeup is very very similar. She said they changed one small thing about the formula, to make it safer for older patients to take, and that Celexa is so similar that she always tries to prescribe that first, so as not to put any extra financial burden on her patients. Anyway, that's whe she told me. Just passing the info on. I tried if for a while, but it didn't do anything for my anxiety, though it did help some with the depression. But I get better relief with Prozac for depression, so I'm back on that now.
    Actually when you google Celexa's main homepage it takes you straight to Lexapro's website, and then there is a link to Celexa's site.