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Having troubles buying my meds!

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  • Having troubles buying my meds!

    I'm going through a really bad situation right now
    I don't know how am I going to be able to live because I can't pay for my treatments.I've started my treatment almost two weeks ago and I'm already having problems because the medicines are too expensive.I'm taking Librax,Elmiron,Atarax,Prelief and Enablex,this last one is so expensive and it only has 28 pills...I have to take 4 a day so this means that every 7 days I have to buy a new one and right now I don't have the money for that which means that there will be times i'll have no medication.I'm having lots of other health problems right now and the only way I have to live with them is to learn how to deal with the pain because I don't have the money to go to more doctors and to buy even more meds.I can say that my IC is getting a little bit better,well I still have lots of pain,it's hard to urinate and my bladder hurts but at least my frequency decreased and that's all I asked for because I was going insane...But I'm feeling so guilty because my mother has to pay for all this expenses and I know she can't,all I wish is to get better to be able to work but without any treatment how am I going to be able to do that???My family is giving me no support at all,they make me feel guilty for being sick and are blaming me for our money problems because if I wasn't sick we'll be just fine. Is there any job I could do at home?I know that a lot of IC patients work at home and I really need some advice on that because I really need a job...
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    It's a terrible shame how expensive many meds are! I know I have more than once chosen to find another way because the prescribed remedy was ridiculously priced.

    Have you looked at this page? Perhaps there's something there that will be helpful to you.

    I'm not up on my drugs so don't know if there is such a thing as a generic alternative to the Enablex. Or another med that is somewhat comparable for what Enablex does for a lesser cost? It may be helpful to let your doctor know that you're having trouble affording this. Lots of times they have samples and will give them out to those in need.

    I'm sorry you're in this situation!
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      Another option is to talk with your doctor about possibly ordering less expensive meds or providing you with samples.

      Warm hugs,
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        paying for meds

        Almost all the pharmacetical companies have programs under "patient assistance" and you can find them on the net. My husband takes cymbalta and gets it for free. He also took elmiron for 6 months and got that for free (didn't work anyway). And prescription inhalers for COPD and gets those for free. We are now working on his pain meds as that is running us over $400 a month, so will let you all know how that goes. Of course, these things go on an income scale, but even if you are over the income limit, there are discounts. Also shop your pharmacies for best price, and some pharmacies also have membership programs that give discounts. Good luck to you.


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          I also take the last one...Enablex. Even with my costs alot. It is a time release anti-spasmic that you are only suppose to take it once a day at either 7.5mg or 15mg. The patent did run out this year but the company got it extended to 2015. The only anti-spasmic that I am aware of that comes in a generic is Ditropan comes in 5mg, 10mg and 15mg. Maybe you might want to try that. I am actually thinking of trying it just to say some $$.


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            Still looking into pain meds and discounts or assistance. It appears Canada cannot shop CDS over the border, altho their prices are so much cheaper. Anyone have any input on this?