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Enablex and other similar medications

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  • Tuckersmom
    Ditropan XL has a generic version out.

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  • Turtlecat
    started a topic Enablex and other similar medications

    Enablex and other similar medications

    Hi everyone! I know there are other medications like Enablex (I think Detrol is one). Does anybody know what they are and if any of them have a generic? (I know Enablex does not.) In reading other posts here I see that some people pay way more for their medications than the $137 I just paid for Enablex (my total monthly prescriptions total around $200), but I still don't know if I can afford it and it does seem to be helping. We're one of those families that makes too much to get assistance but still would struggle with this amount. (The "catastrophic only" insurance I have doesn't cover prescriptions for anything pre-existing ever. I'm hoping one day to get better insurance, but that's the way it is now, if I'm even able to keep that.)

    Thanks for any help!