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My cousin's little boy doesn't have a mom any more

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  • My cousin's little boy doesn't have a mom any more

    My cousin has custody of his 9 year old son because his mommy is an alocholic. She has been in and out of every kind of treatment program available. Nothing has worked for her.

    She is finally at peace. Her boyfriend came home from a business trip and found her dead. She finally managed, in her mid 30's, to drink herself to death. And, my cousin's son is now without a mother.

    When I was trying to kill myself thru the use of booze I would tell other's that I wasn't hurting anyone but myself. I believed that, with my heart and soul I believed that. I've been sober for 15 1/2 years now and there have been alot of people that I've lost in those years because of the disease but none have hit me as hard as this one.

    If you, or someone you love, is in the process of trying to drink or drug themselves to death, please remind them of my cousin's 9 year old son, Mark. Who no longer has a mom because of that attitude.........
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    That is so very sad. Your cousin has a big job ahead of him --- and that child is so fortunate to have a father who will care for him.

    I'll say a prayer for both.

    Stay safe

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      Oh Teri hun, I'm so sorry about your cousin. More importantly I'm sorry for that little boy who will now grow up without his mommy. I think we all have days in our lives that we wish the pain would end and the world would stop, but then you think about all the people in your life that would suffer without you. Alcoholism is a disease. One of which kills millions every year. It's an addiction and you know yourself how hard it is to break that addiction. Some people I guess just don't have the strength to look it in the eyes and walk the other way. She is finally at peace and God will take her and heal her.

      I will keep you and Mark in my prayers. I will also pray for your cousin to help him get through this time in his life. I couldn't imagine losing my husband and having to raise my kids alone, nor can I imagine how I would even begin to comfort them at such a young age. Sending <img src="graemlins/grouphug.gif" border="0" alt="[grouphug]" /> . <img src="graemlins/angel.gif" border="0" alt="[angel]" /> to guide you through this time.
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        Teri, I am so sorry for your loss and hope that you and your cousins son can get thru this. I am praying for you all. I know you can be a positive influence in his life. I told my nephew that I would be there for him, couldn't be the same as his mom but I wanted him to know that I am here.


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          Hi Teri,
          Oh! Teri I am so sorry for all of you, but especially the little boy. God Blessing On All Of You, you are gonna need it. Will remember you in prayer.
          Hugs and God's Blessings,
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            My heart breaks for little Mark. I am so sorry for the loss you are experiencing. I'm saying a prayer for you and Mark(and the rest of the family too!)
            If you have time to worry, you have time to pray!


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              Terri so sorry for your cousin. I lost a friend 23 years ago from liver sceloris. She was like a second Mother to me, she adopted me as her 3r daughter, spent lots of time over her house while My mom was sick. I was 17 at the time when she died, I didn't know she was an alcholic until the day she died. One thing I have learned is not to drink. There have been alcholics in my family but when you are young, you don't see the bad side of anyone. You look at the good. congrats on your soberity. I was addicted to xanax which is a tranqulizer and took 100 pills in two weeks and by the grace of God here I am clean and 12 years clean and able to tell my story. You have had it rough, I hope it gets easier for you. God bless you. Love,Deb
              Hang in there , There is hope.
              There is hope. Prayer works.

              Love, Debbie


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                teri , sorry for your cousin, i can rally feel where you are coming from. i am 8 years clean and i have been dealing with my daughter. she has 2 months at this time but she is 4 months pregnant. i am afraid for the baby as well right now. she isn't getting prenatal care my heart and prarers go out to you.
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