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  • Using your computer for craft

    Does anyone else have a computer fetish?
    I love mine. It needs an upgrade because of all the stuff I have collected.

    I use it in all my crafty endeavours. I use my clip art program, Sierra Print Artist all the time. If I need a picture or border its there for cardmaking or printing posters.
    Lately, I've been playing around with Abode Photoshop. For a friends party, I put his face onto a statue of Hercules that I got on the internet, and printed out life sized posters.
    If I want a picture, a quote, a recipe, information on how to make something, I just boot up and there it is. And there YOU are. I love my computer.
    I even use it when I'm doing my portraits.

    Now, I know that you all use yours but what crafty stuff do you use it for?

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    Oops, I forgot to mention the programs I have for cross stitching and one for digital scrapbooking...I thought that one would help me organize my digital photos and it would if I just had the time!


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      oh rosalie, I would love to learn how to do these things on the computer, I have a cross stitch program, it's a copy I got from a friend, psss don't tell anyone, haha, but I don't know how to use it properly. we just bought a lexmark all in one, it's got a printer, copier, scanner, fax, photo editing, etc, it is amazing, we just got it last saturday, so I've got a lot to learn, but I don't need to go out to get copies of stuff, I can do it all right at home, it minimizes an enlarges stuff, anyway we got it from k-mart, for $159.00 and we saved 70.00 I thought it was a good buy, it comes with a colour cartridge, we had to buy the black one seperately, and it came with some photo paper, anyway I really would like to learn more about computer programs rosalie, so if you can tell me more I am all ears, ..martha


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        Martha, we have a Epson scanner/printer/copier. These machines are wonderful. I often have to copy pages and pages (sometimes whole books ) of sheet music.
        I used to do it with our old scanner. It took ages. Now with the stand alone copier it is so quick. This is hush hush too... copyright stuff. But we can't afford to buy it cause music is so expensive.
        Most of my computer programs have been given to me as well. Without the instruction manuals its fly by the seat of your pants stuff. Makes for a lot of swearing..


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          yeah I know what you mean, anyway this printer I think prints out 20 black and white pages per minute, and about 14 coloured pages per minute, to me that's pretty fast, I used to go to sleep with the old printer, arrgg it took so bl***y long, I try not to use a lot of colour because the ink is dearer than the black and white ink.
          Last night I printed out some pages and I was just amazed how quick it went, by the way I am having so much fun here on this board, I really should go and do some work, looks like your ironing is still waiting too, ooh bugger it ,I stay on a bit longer, untill my son gets back from school at 1, and then his royal highness takes over the computer...martha


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            I found a really cheap place to buy printer cartriges on the internet. Its
            They are less than half the price I pay at Officeworks and they deliver next day from Currumbin. Check out their site, it says they carry Lexmark. The cartridges are G&G but I haven't had any problems with them so far.

            Yeah, I have such patient ironing, it will wait for me.
            hillz is home from school sick and CJ doesn't have uni till 4pm. They just poked their heads in, rolled their eyes and asked how much longer will I be here. I made a noise like the dog and they retreated. CJ's making lunch for his sister and I hear 'Pirates of the Carribean' begin. If we don't eat dinner tonight, I could be here till bedtime. LOVE IT. I am a sad sad sad case!!!
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              Oh yes, love to use my computer for my hobbies/crafts, heck some of my hobbies are only done with a computer (a lot of my photos get edited here, etc.). Don't know what I'd do without it. It's the reason I wanted one and that we ended up getting the one I wanted, specifically for pictures, scrapping etc.!!! I too have an all-in-one printer, ours is a Dell. Love the thing!!!!

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                I love photoshop and use it quite a bit while creating a painting. Heck, I can almost paint better in photoshop than in 'real life'! I also use it a lot to manipulate or fix photos. The photo of me standing on top of the mountain on my website originally had my black lab sitting at my feet. Against the light background he came out looking like a big black blob. With the help of the computer, he's magically gone!

                Did you see the image that Sandy's son did with photoshop titled 'iplaycello'? It's linked to on her album thread. Very cool!

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                  Ha Ha I just notice how I spelt "Adobe". Just because I love using it doesnt mean I can spell it!
                  I was "given" my copy so I don't have any manuels. It has pretty much been trial and error (mostly error) in learning to use it. I did buy a generic manuel on photoshop type programs and it has helped me a lot. Don't know about you but usually when I working on something I need and answer NOW and hate wading through a book four inches thick to get the answer. Guess its the scorpio in me.



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                    he he rosalie, abode, adobe, to be honest I did not see the mistake, if you say it really fast, it sounds the same ...martha


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                      Hi, I want to make some fonts, do I need to have computer software for this? sorry it may sound like a silly question, but I don't know too much about that sort of stuff. martha


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                        Do you want to make up your own fonts or just find some different ones?

                        In microsoft word you can use various fonts. If you want you can click on the word art button which looks like a crooked A.This will bring up a gallery box. Click on the one you want and it will bring up a box where you can type in what you want. You can then resize.
                        Play around with the WordArt menu box and you can change colour or fill. Or you can just use the font bar and sizeing on the menu bar at the top.

                        I have a wonderful program called Sierra Print Artist that has even more fonts and ways of manipulating them. It has over 250,0000 clip art and templates for just about everything from cards, boxes, posters and calenders to party stationary and hats.



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                          I've also started using my computer to make greeting cards, etc. I found some royalty-free clip art at one of the national electronics stores. I also work about 2 blocks from a locally-owned chain of craft stores, and they have a huge selection of paper and card stock. I'm embarrassed to say how much of that stuff I've bought. I've also been experimenting with printing on vellum and figuring out ways to combine it with some of my decorative papers. I'd love to get good enough to sell this stuff some day - in my dotage, to supplement my pension, or now, to support this new habit. I probably should find a new way to drive to and from work!


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                            Hi, how do you use the computer for making your cards? do I need special soft ware for this?? I make cards as well, and I would love to know how to do this, ps, make sure you do not sent any websites to this thread, we are not allowed to this, but they can be sent by private message, martha


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                              Hi there Pingpong. great to see another crafter. In what way do you use your computer?
                              I have a program with many card templates but I also use it to print images or words or frames and borders to cut out and go onto my cards. This program also has sayings to put on the inside.
                              I have also printed the same picture out 3 or 4 time and made a paper tole image to put on.

                              Martha you have to get into this. You can scan in photos of the birthday boy/girl etc. For my younger brother I got lots of pictures of Fords off the internet, cut and pasted them into my Print Artist program (or you can use Word) sized them down, printed,cut them out and arranged them onto his card.
                              Having a lot of different stamps gets very expensive, so I don't bother anymore.

                              The only drawback is not being able to emboss as the ink is too dry when it comes out of the printer. Does anyone know a way around this?