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  • Whats in your garden?

    I'm not much of a gardener but do appreciate anything that manages to stay alive in my yard.
    Affraid I have become addicted to peeking into all your private lives. Now that we can post photos I want to see more from all my new friends. Its a bit like popping over for a chat and a cuppa.

    My favourite flower is an Australian native called grevillia longistyla. The blossoms are like some glorious red and pink creature sitting amongst the foliage. Also flowering out there are two callistemons, a red and a pink, natives as well. I do have one sad little rose that clings to life and a paraguay nightshade that has been knocked around by the drought and water restrictions.
    We have success with the dracaenas which have spectacular spiky purple flowers. Just break a bit off and stick it in the ground and the following season voila! I like my odds with that sort of plant.
    My rhodie is at the end of flowering so not many blooms left but it was gorgeous a few weeks ago.

    Now I know that you are approaching winter in the US but I would still love to see whats in your garden. I know a bit about your fauna through films and TV shows but not about your flora. How about a bit of a botanic lesson?

    And also you Aussie girls, what is in your garden? Martha, I expect some wonderful tropicals in yours? Sara's is about to be full of nappies on the line LOL!

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    I just have an apartment balcony, but I container garden on it. I have rosemary & lavender for herbs. (I cook with little bits of the rosemary I snip I have pink geraniums from cuttings from my granddad's garden. I also have azaleas for magenta flowers and a few jade plants for general greenery. In the spring, I'll put my hummingbird feeder out to attract a few birds...

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      Kadi, I love geraniums and I also have plants from cuttings from my parents home before it was sold. Dad grew beautifully coloured geraniums and pelegoniums. I even have some of the flowers that I picked from his garden on the day of his funeral.
      Isn't it interesting how gardens can connect us to others in such a sensitive way?


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        I have a couple of azaleas, a tall yellow rose bush, a smaller rose bush, 2 large yucca's, 3 hostas, and some miscellaneous weeds that produce some neat red blooms-this is all in the front yard.

        The backyard has some really tall old trees--sassafras, small blackberries, miscellaneous trees (dont know exactly what they are), alot of honeysuckle bushes, and a couple of dogwoods.

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          I'm afraid right now our garden is full of winter rain. We've had thick fog for days and days, but yesterday afternoon the fog lifted and was replaced by rain.

          We're barely into winter now and I can't wait for summer!

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   I SHARED A FEW PICS OF MY INDOOR GARDEN, MY garden this year outside, and fall and winter pics...since outside we now are growing snow. Inside growing catnip, mint catnip, chamomile, and some grass...the grass if for my cats.
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              Usually my veggie garden has pole beans, green peppers, brussles sprouts, strawberries (daughter loves those) carrots and spinach. I have a larger pot of violets in warm weather near there. In the front I have Roses, daffodills, Greenland Tulips, grape hyacinths, and Dianthus. Right now the gardens are full of snow. Oh in my veggie garden right now is my garden stone w/the words "GROW DA**IT" imprinted on it. I do have a strange sense of humor.


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                You people living in the colder climates--how do you deal with the snow so early on in the winter months?...brrrrrrrrrrrrr!!...its in the mid 40's here in the Virginia Beach, VA area and we're about to freeze our booties off!...

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                  Wonderful pictures Katrina. The snowscapes fascinate me. They look so peaceful and picturesque.As you would probably guess, we don't get snow in Melbourne and the nearest snowfields in winter are hours away by car.
                  Spring must be a riot when the snow goes and the plants come back to life.
                  All of the plants that everyone has mentioned, I already know of. So what are some of the plants native to the US? What is your national floral emblem and does anyone grow them?

                  PS Just how effective is cursing at the veggie bed? I've heard of talking to plants but not abusing them! LOL. But if it works, I'll give it a go!



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                    I added some of my greenery to my photo's. My favorite plants are my butterfly bushes. I have hundreds of butterflies in my yard in the summer.

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                      Hi Rosalie, I love gardening, but have not done a lot lately, I love all the natives, they are so easy to care for and are drought proof, I have some photo's of my garden, and will put them up soon.
                      How did you like that purple scrub you saw last time, it' called ''geisha girl'' and is related to a scrub called ''sheena gold'' I have both, the only problem is that it gets a bug called lantana beetle, and they stick to the stem of the scrub, and suck all the goodness out of the plant, so the leaves go yellow, and without treatment the plant will die very quickly, I use this stuff called ''confidor'' and it really works, i don't usually use poison in the garden, but with this bug I really have no choice, they are tough little critters.
                      Rosalie I really love hillz dress, the colour is gorgeous, it's like a emerald green isn't it?? sometime photo's don't show it's true colour, but anyway I think she's got a very clever mum, and she is one very lucky girl.


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                        Glad t see you Martha, I was getting worried about you.
                        Just this morning, I got a huge hug and thankyous for helping make her formal so special. That makes it all worthwhile! And Yes, the dress was emerald green princess lace.
                        I remember the purple flower you put up earlier. It is gorgeous,is it one that would grow down south?I love flowers and would have them in the house all the time if I could afford them. My gardening skills are somewhat pathetic! And I know I'm biased, but I think Aussie natives are spectacular.

                        Karma, lovely photos. I recognise the yellow and orange butterflies, we have them here too. Are they Monarch butterflies?
                        Now you have to explain the Ice Storm Tree. Even hubby came to have a look. Are those icicles on the branches?