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Genealogy anyone?

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  • Genealogy anyone?

    I've slipped away from this for a while, but hope to get back to attempting to track my father's family. One branch goes back lots of generations to Wales, but so far I'm stuck on my great-grandfather on the other side.

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    I love that stuff...... I got back to the early 1700's with my dads side, and my cousin got back to the 1600's with my moms side..
    I found my husbands father, whom he never knew on here, and trying to work on hubby's family, but, these people just don't talk, and won't give me any names to go on..
    Hubby's father stayed in touch for about 6 months maybe a year.. he called him, but his dad never called here... so as time went by over the last 2 years there even hasn't been any emails..
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      Family history is very interesting to me! My aunt was reading a book from the library on the history of northern Missouri & found a chapter on our family. This is my dad's side - the Richter's. It gave our lineage from my great-grandfather all the way back to the boat from Germany, which was very awesome for me. I have a jewelry box that was given to my ancestor on the boat over as a gift because she had a baby on the voyage. My aunt gave me a copy of this chapter of the book & it's great to see what my family was like. It talks about how they voted & what they were known for, what they did for a living, etc.

      I have no idea what my mom's side is like, but I think it has a loop in it somewhere.

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        I've been procrastinating about this on another thread. It has always seened do daunting to me.However, I have a cousin on my fathers side who has already done alot of the work.
        But its my American connection on my mothers side that I would love to look into. When I get a few of my current projects out of the way, I will try to find out more about my great grandfather.
        I will be looking for help on how to go about it.