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    Last thursday I started a social hour/Knitting class. meets twice a month.
    The brochure says Free Knitting class for therapepeutic, calming, relieving stress lower blood pressure.
    When I got there it was like a big social hour for all thse lady's mostly in 50's.
    I said I was here for the knitting class. they said well it'ss not a knitting class more like social hour. The lady who runs it wasnt there yet when the lady told me that. they said she taught classes at her knitting store but they cost money. well I sat down anyway. The lady I sat with showed me how to knit and perl. But she didnt show me how to cast on. I have to go to new urolgoy DR on monday. so when I to town Im going to stop at the knitting store with my broucher and see about the classes. or how much the ones are at her store.
    My husband bought me knitting sticks and yarn and two books. But cant fiqure out the casting on. Can anyone help me before monday. I pick up real quick on the knit and perl.

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    Theresa, I googled "how to cast on for knitting" and got this site
    If you scroll down a bit it has pictures.
    Casting on is like doing a knit stitch but don't 'cast off ' the stitch, catch it on to the needle to make a new stitch. You can start by tying a loop fairly tightly onto the needle and use it to start.
    I find that the easiest way to learn is to have someone show you.But if you've already picked up the plain(knit) and purl stitches it doesn't sound like you will have any problems.
    There are all sorts of stitches but they are all just made up of the two basics.It sounds like these ladies will be able to help you as part of their "social hour."
    I love to knit soft toys. Knitting was something I grew up with and it is nice to see that it is making a comeback. I've heard of some wonderful clubs. One in particular that knits squares to make up into blankets for the premature babies in hospitals

    I hope this helps you. Let us know how it all goes.


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      I like It actually shows moving demonstrations of many knitting functions.

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        Thanks you so much. I have visited bioth web sites. they are going to help alot.
        Cant wait to get the hang of it.


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          Pomeraniac, how is your knitting/social class going?


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            well I missed last thursday for the free class. I was hurting and we got alot of snow.
            I start the day time classes that are $6.00 per session on feb 2nd.
            then the next one is the 16th. I hope Ill be ok to go to that one. On 14th I have my cystro/hydro.
            but I have been playing around. cant wait tell the 2nd. the free one is more like a social hour.
            thanks for asking.
            How are you doing Rosalie? how is the cakes.


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              I'm glad you are still going to go to classes. Knitting can be so rewarding. Let us know how it goes and good luck with your cysto/hydro on the 14th.
              I have a large chocolate mud cake to do for a combined 40th, 50th and 70th birthdays celebration on 12th Feb. The weather has been very hot and humid and I have been a bit worried about transporting it to my girlfriends house 1 1/2 hours away. There are bush fires up that way too!. Might end up with melted chocolate pudding instead Hahaaaha!



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                oh sounds so yummy.
                be careful around the fires.
                Better turn your air on high keep the mud from sliding.