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    I am not at all confident in my abilities, but I figure that since I'm going to school for a degree in animation, I might as well attempt to do something with it.

    I had an idea the other day and haven't seen anything like it. If anyone knows of something like this that is already available, let me know.

    I was thinking of trying to develop some sort of animation to demonstrate IC. For one, it would have an image of a normal-sized bladder and then be overlayed with an image of the patient's bladder. (Example: I read in the IC Survival Guide that the average bladder holds 800-1200 cc's and mine only holds 400 cc's.)

    I would also like to do even more research and animate the effects of IC and the possible progression of IC.

    This would take alot more research than I've done. To make it into interactive software would probably take working with other people since I'm not a programmer (at least not yet).

    I could see something like this being useful for patients to understand what is happening to them as well as showing to family, friends, etc. what is going on.

    If it could actually work, I can see it helping doctors in explaining IC. Don't know if this is too far a cry from reality, but something like this could potentially be used in research. (Things just seem more real when there's a visual representation.)

    What do y'all think? Is it worth pursuing? I have always been very big on education, and this seems like something that people really NEED to be educated about.

    IC Diagnosed: August 28, 2006 with a "significant case" (Turned out to be severe)

    Currently: Urised and Ultracet
    Hopefully soon: Elmiron

    Animation student at Westwood College Online

    Wife and hopeful mother

    There is no such thing as "too young to be sick."

    I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me - Phillipians 4:13

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    Melissa, I reckon that anything that can get the message of IC out there is a good thing. The more people that are educated about this disease the better. Your idea may also be a usefull tool in tracking its progress.