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  • Snowdays! Create-A-Snowflake

    virtual snowflake maker.

    It's so fun you can create your own and look at ones that others made.

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    I printed some of these out, and put them on the ceiling. Trying to decorate my cubicle for the holiday. Thanks!


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      That is just too cool :o)

      Thanks for sharing it and Merry Christmas!
      Miss Bessie

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        VERY Cool! I also like the idea of printing them off and putting them on the ceiling. Since school will be out next week, this will be a fun project for Collin. I think I am going to get some white, glow in the dark, paper to print his creations, and then, we can put them on the ceiling in his room. He will LOVE that! He already has stars and planets on it, but I think some snowflakes will be nice for the winter months! Thanks for the site and idea!!! Hugs, Amy


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          Thanks for posting this.

          My daughter and I made snowflakes last week to put on the windows and doors--I tried finding a sight to show us how to make good ones but what I came up with wasn't very good. She'll love this--she loves to do crafts.
          If anyones interested I clipped out a how to from Better Homes and Gardens December issue on how to make these beautiful snowflakes from beads. Looks pretty easy to do--we haven't tried to do them yet--I'm also waiting for winter break to do crafts.


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            We're addicted!!

            These are so much fun to do. Not only designing your own but looking at all the other snowflakes. It's so neat that it showed how to fold them so we've made some really neat ones from paper too.
            Thanks again for letting us know about this sight.


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              thankyou for sharing the WAS fun!


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                It IS addicting!! Collin and his cousin did some today. We couldnt find glow in the dark paper, but we found glow in the dark paint and painted some with those, and then we coated some with opalescent glitter, some with silver glitter, and some with white glitter. Then, we cut them out (well I cut them out, and then we used clear fishing line to suspend them from the ceiling in their bedrooms from different heights to look like falling snow. They look so cool!!! Thank you again for sharing this site! Hugs, AMy


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                  "So Cool!" Thanks for sharing!!


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                    Your welcome, I'm glad others found joy from it also.