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Baby hats for hospitals?

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  • Baby hats for hospitals?

    I have been making some baby hats for preemies for the hospital where I live. I want to make some hats for the normal babies as well and maybe some booties to go along with the hats. Does anyone else do this? I saw on the news about people making and donating the hats to the hospitals. Also saw a woman who makes crochets blankets for sick kids in the hospitals as well and has a lot of other women making the blankets. I thought that was a nice thing of her to do.

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    OH that would be so nice Waterflow....You could call and check with the hospitals. Im sure they would put you in touch with the right person..
    But it really sounds like a great idea....

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      That is so sweet. When my son was born 2 years ago he received a crochet blanket and hat to match from some lady that makes them for the hospital and gives to newborns. I just love it.


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        I think that what you are doing is very moving. It is very special that you are welcoming these wee ones into the world with your special gifts. They will forever remind them that there are kind people everywhere, even among strangers. Each day you crochet those with the love you put in them, you make the world a little bit of a better place. My hats off to you, Mary! You are truly a lovely and quite special person.


        P.S. When Collin was born, several of our friends and family members made baby afghans and quilts for him. He also got one set of booties. They were far and above the most treasured of all the gifts we received. I would never part with any of them. In fact, they are with our family pictures, important papers, and love letters so we can grab them quickly if there was ever a fire. I am sure that yours will be equally treasured.


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          You could also check with any local knitting or craft shops in your area. Some of them have programs for donating to hospitals. My local knitting shop collects hats for babies as well as chemo caps for cancer patients to donate to the local hospital.


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            If you're interested in making blankets, my church has been involved with Project Linus and it is a terrific cause. They provide blankets to any child in need, whether due to a medical issue, injury, domestic trauma, etc.

            I looked up "Project Linus" in google and it cam back with lots of state chapters, etc. They are probably involved with hats, etc., as well. I think you'd like participating, you should check it out and see if there's a chapter near where you live (you don't have to attend meetings, etc., unless you want to -- you can just contribute your work). My son, who was a preemie, received a couple of hats in the hospital and we loved them, too. It was very special that he had a hand-made cap, not just the usual hospital cotten beanie!


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              I never had babies of my own and I really want to make their entrance into the world a happy one. It only takes me 1 hour to make a hat and they are all white with a blue or pink ribbon. I never knew about doing this until I saw about it on the news. Project Linus sounds nice too. I'm slow making blankets but will give it a try. I just want to make so many I have to slow myself down and get one done at a time. Wish I had a group of crocheters or knitters and then there could be a get together each week to work on what we have going. I will google to see if there is such a group where I am.

              I never thought about googling it. Thanks for the idea of that and checking with craft stores as well or even calling the hospital. I just wonder if I should wait until I have a bag full or take what I can get done in a week? Not sure how many babies are born at the hospital here since it is a small town.

              You know, maybe I shouldn't post this but all the baby outfits I made for my sisters (including the christening gown/cap/booties) were thrown away. I thought they would keep them for the kids when they grew up and had children of their own. I think it is wonderful you guys have kept them. I am sure the people who made them for you are really appreicate of it.


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                I googled and found there is a woman not to far from me who handles the Project Linus. She told me the hospitals where I am do accept blankets for the children. I never would have thought there would be anyone near me for this. I do think the hospitals should advertise about this. I bet there are a lot of women in my city who would make blankets for the babies and children if they knew about it. Thanks for giving me the information on this.