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pet hair for sweaters

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  • pet hair for sweaters

    I read where a woman saved the hair everytime she brushed her dog. She had it made into a really pretty sweater. That is such a good idea if you know a person who can spin it into yarn to use.

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    I've thought about that. Tiger sheds so much in the summer. She has really soft fur too. One bad thing though, I'm allergic to cat dander so it probably would make me break out in hives and sneeze to death! Maybe I could make a Meme sweater instead-lol!


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      Pet hair doesn't usually spin well. There are a few breeds of dogs that have hair that can be spun, but it's pretty rare. And it can be extremely scratchy!

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        They were a special breed of dog with really fluffy looking hair.


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          I have a Great Pyrenees and have actually heard of people doing this with their hair. Lord knows he leaves enough hair around the house daily to make a new dog every weekend, LOL! Maybe I'll look into this...



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            I had a wonderful Keeshond many years ago. When they change coat you have to strip it out and I would get bags and bags full. There are a number of people who spin and knit up their coat.



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              That would make pet hair so usseful at my house. But then again...I like to say that my sweaters are made out of fur....with no animals harmed in the process...when my clothes are covered in fur from my dog. Hahaha.
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