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do you have a newborn cap pattern?

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  • do you have a newborn cap pattern?

    I can't find a newborn cap pattern using regular 3 ply baby yarn. ALl use that sport yarn. I'm tired of making the same cap pattern too. These are going to the hospital babies. Can't find any good patterns on the interent or my 100's of pattern books.

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    Waterflow, I have many patterns for baby bonnets in 3ply and 4ply but not actual caps. Are these what you are looking for? If so, I can either photocopy as many as you would like and post them or scan the instructions and email them to you.


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      The one on the left looks nice. If you could send me the pattern for it I would really appreciate it. The one in the middle they won't use. The one on the right looks knitted. Does it have "psso" in it? I never could figure out how to do that.


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        I have just PMed you with the pattern of the bonnet on the left. They are all knitted pieces. The one on the right does indeed have PSSO in the instructions. However, don't be put off by PSSO.. Once you have done it you will see how easy it is.

        I found this site that has demonstrational videos. If you you go down to the psso, and click on the slip 1, knit 1, psso and the video will come off.



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          Thanks for the pattern and the web site. I have so many nice patterns with psso in them but couldn't do it. Will check this out.