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Spring is springing, time to grow veg!

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  • Spring is springing, time to grow veg!

    Just sharing my happiness, as we have had spring in London! Last couple days went to our allotment for once not in the cold, my bit of heaven! My chard is going crazy, kale bolting, fruit trees budding, weeds going crazy! So yesterday I spent a few hours digging the potato bed ready to plant them tomorrow, and getting bean poles up. Our kitchen is full of seedlings soon ready to go in. Spring for me is all about hope and the prospect of delicious home grown food....this is our first summer of having the allotment completely ours as last summer I shared it. Bit nerve wracking but the other allotment holders are lovely and really help as I am learning, but super exciting! It is truly my happy place, 8 acres of serenity, calm, and bliss in a busy city (my plot is 100sq metres, not 8 acres!!) Bring on spring!!

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    Re: Spring is springing, time to grow veg!

    It's spring in Oregon too! And I totally love the smells when I go outdoors.

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      Re: Spring is springing, time to grow veg!

      Am I right that you also have some stuff you grow? It is a miracle, can't get over it! Potted on baby plants today, in sunshine-a miracle in itself!
      Oregon is gorgeous, how I miss the green! (Ex Californian, travelled up north some! Not that CA is green anymore....��)
      Enjoy the buds and scents! I am taking DS2 to plant potatoes tomorrow...DS1 just wnt go now, even with bribery...sigh