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  • Best place for free books!

    I love reading. I can never have enough books by my side to read. Also as a homeschooling mom I want to get my children all kinds of books.

    A month a so ago I found some great online paper back trading sites. They sites are wonderful and best of all you get the books FREE. Here is how it works:

    You go one of the following website:

    You sign up which is free then you list the books you have in your home that you don't want anymore. It is very easy to list the book. You just enter in the Enter the ISBN from your book. The Paperbackswap website has some rules about the books you can list because well no one likes to get a dirty & banged up book. The bookmooch site you can also list the condition of your book.

    After you put in the books you have & don't want you pretty much just sit back and wait for someone to request a book from you. When they want a book you'll get an email letting you know that someone wants your book and mail it to them. You pay for the shipping which is usually just under $2.

    Now the difference between Paperbackswap & Bookmooch are the points. One you get like 1/10th of a point for each book you list. So after listing 10 books you get 1 point to use for "mooching" a book. You can then spend the point to get a book from someone. Also on you see how long it has been since the person logged in. When you request a book your point then goes to that person right away. So I always make sure the person I request a book from has at least logged onto the site that week. uses their points a little differently. When you sign up you get 3 free points to use so you can request books right away. One book costs one point. When you mail a book out to someone you get a point as soon as they log into the site to let you know that they got it.

    I like a lot better. The site is much easier to browse and I like how the make sure the books are in good condition before you post them. I gotton one book from and the book was in such bad shape it was hard to open. The person failed to share the bad condition of the book. I didn't feel though it would be right to complain since it was free.

    I have over 75 books posted on each site up for trade. My children & I are getting books in the mail about every other day. We love it! My kids quickly cleaned up their rooms giving me books to post. I'm cleaning out the basement with books I have had stored down their for years that are flying out the door quickly!

    I hope you all join up. It is wonderful for people who love to read, love books, want new homes for their books & best of all people who like free stuff.

    Here is a link to my profile on Paperback swap:

    My nickname on Bookmooch is: faith4jesus
    or just enter in my email address: [email protected]

    Enjoy! Hope soon your mailbox is full of books!
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    Neat! Thank you for sharing the websites.