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    Did anyone see the article in Women's Day this month on IC? Several of my colleagues found the article and had tremendous compassion for me after having read it.

    I had some trouble getting others to understand the pain I was experiencing, and initially, without a diagnosis, some of my colleagues treated me like I needed psychological help. Needless to say, I did not enjoy this.

    It's a pretty good article and certainly is good at letting people know that IC is different than bladder infections, kidney stones, or any of the other diagnosis.

    Hope this helps someone out there!

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    I did see the article. Any time that there is more focus on this disease, I gain some glimmer of hope. It is a good article to pass on to family or friends. Warm regards, Mare


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      I did see the article I really dont think they really went into the over all IC illness. Am I wrong. I guess I can re read the article. I am glad that the ladies in the article are doing well. I am so afraid that my daughters will have it as well. Dr Parons said to he thinks its heardatary(I dont know how you spell it)


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        I bought a copy today so I could read it. One very good thing about it is that someone who is having symptoms may recognize themselves and seek help and, because of this article, be diagnosed.

        I thought the article was well done, but a little short.

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          My mom read the it and called me the very next morning. I was scheduled for a lap and thanks to hear reading it and me bringing up in my preop appt with my doc that is how I found out that I had this IC thing. I was very thankfull for it. Not alot of people know about it and hardly anyone can understand the pain that I have been in. Some people thought it was just in my head, which of course just made me feel great u know. At least ways it makes me feel better to 1 know that I'm not crazy and there is something wrong with me. U know. I am very happy that someone is talking about it. Now they truly need to do a talk show on it so more people can learn about it.
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            My mom also sent me the article in the mail after reading it to me over the phone. I was glad she saw it and now will stop telling me to "just stop thinking about it. Mind over matter." I'm going to share it with my husband too so that he understands although I have to say that he's been pretty good about it.