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  • Outlander

    Have any of you guys read Outlander by Diana Gabaldon? It's also a TV show that's currently airing on Starz, however, if you haven't read the book, do so at your earliest convenience. It is phenomenal. I am a very avid reader. Not often do I come across a book where the author is as successful in developing a plot that is just as engaging as her characters. Claire is a married WWII nurse who is magically swept back in time from 1945 to 1743 while she's vacationing with her husband in Scotland. While in 1943 Scotland, she comes across the MacKenzie clan and gets immersed in the everyday trials of that time period: clan wars, Jacobite uprisings, etc. She also meets Jamie, a young warrior who makes her question whether she should persevere in her endeavor to return to her time (and husband), or to stay in her new time.

    Apparently the Outlander series consists of 8 books, which I think is pretty excessive. I have only read the first book and will be starting the second book soon. Even though it's a sequel, I have high hopes that it lives up to the standard the author set in Outlander.

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    Re: Outlander

    I am always happy when I find an author who does books I enjoy --- I always read all of that author's books; it's better than guessing whether I'll like something or not.

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      Re: Outlander

      OMG OMG OMG!! I'm totally addicted. I've read all the books and they are fabulous. The TV show is about as good as we could possibly get. I thought Jamie was just a little bit bigger than Sam but, based upon this weeks LOVELY episode of Jamie at the waterwheel, I think he's quite endowed! James Alexander Malcolm McKenzie Fraser... I've been in love with him for years now!

      BTW.. Diana Gabaldon is amazing in person. She's appeared live twice at our local book store and she's incredibly smart and entertaining. I was really surprised to learn how she writes. She doesn't write from beginning to end. What she does is spend a week on a random scene.. and then, at the end of the writing cycle, she puts it all together in a longitudinal line. She has the richest writing I've ever read... her scenes, characters, dialogue and just simple nuance between people is breathtakingly good. But, as a PhD in Anatomy or Physiology, she also brings medicine through every book with Claire trying to help others using herbs and then some!

      I'm so glad you like them!!!!!

      BTW... the audiobooks from are AMAZINGGGGG! Perfect for long car rides. They were just giving one away for free .. you might really enjoy that!

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        Re: Outlander

        I am too cheap (and I don't think Comcast deserves a penny more than what they are already charging me) to upgrade to Starz. Therefore, I have only seen the first 8 episodes, since they are now on DVD. After I watched those episodes, I went online to see what people were saying about the show. I read many complaints about how, after the 8th episode, the audience was left with a cliffhanger. They called the time between the ending of the 8th episode and the airing of the 9th episode "droughtlander" hahahaha! I barely refrained from saying, "read the book, you fools!" As you said, the TV series follows the book very closely. I am SO happy with their choices of Jamie and Claire. I love Jamie not only in the book, but on screen. He and Claire have very good on-screen chemistry. I could spend hours listening to that Scottish burr.

        Have you seen this yet? It pretty much made my day.

        It's so awesome you met Diana Gabaldon in person! Her writing is amazing and I had no idea she didn't write from beginning to end. I was telling my friends at lunch about her (because I discuss the books with anyone who will listen, of course) and they were surprised to hear of her unique way of writing. But I still haven't talked them into tackling a book with that many page numbers.

        My boyfriend and I are going to Chicago this weekend for a friend's wedding. It's a three hour trip. Maybe I should test his love for me by buying the second book from Audible!