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My nightly detox from life - Paranormal Romance Novels! Shifters and Vampires!

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  • My nightly detox from life - Paranormal Romance Novels! Shifters and Vampires!

    I confess.. I read romance novels. I do! After a day immersed in IC, I just need a complete and total break from life and I do that by reading Shifter novels! I love the Dannika Dark series, as well as the BlackDagger Brotherhood by JR Ward. There are several others to. Anyone else enjoy paranormal books? If so, what authors?

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    Re: My nightly detox from life - Paranormal Romance Novels! Shifters and Vampires!

    Theres the saint germain vampire series by chelsea quinn yarbo, they are vampire romance novels, its set in different time periods and always gets a lady.
    They were published early 90s i think.
    Also anne mccaffery (i think thats right) she has some neat novels, i did read them when i was younger but they were pretty good....theres the dragon series and the crystal singer series (they are the more romance ones)
    Not sure if it was geared more towards young adults but i seem to remember the crystal singer series pretty good.
    Sure thats more fantasy than vampire but i remember them being pretty neat.
    If you like paranormal stuff, are you into ghost adventures and dead files?
    Also supernatural is a pretty good show, i got into it and sure sometimes seems a bit more on the soap opera side of things but it does take the mind off the bladder.
    Also lucifer, its a pretty good show, sure it can be a bit on the soap opera side of things as well but its supernatural characters so its ok.
    Theres a supernatural show on netflix that seems interesting, only watched the first episode but seemed like a good show to get the mind off of things, its called ghost wars.
    I know some of the stuff i said are shows but still good ways to get the mind off of things.
    Anyway hope everyone is having a good day.
    Have dealt with chronic pain and gerd/ibs since '98 endometriosis, vulvodynia diagnosed 2000, ic diagnosed around 2004, chronic epstein barr-like virus 2011
    Hysterectomy/oophorectomy 2014 endo had destroyed everything
    Now dealing with recurrence and menopause in late 30s
    Other things--migraines, chronic hives, eczema, raynauds, congenital scoliosis, broke 3 vertebrae in middle of back when i was 16, heart defect (ventrical septal defect)