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looking for work, IC frustrating

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  • looking for work, IC frustrating

    hey everyone,

    just wanting to vent. I've been looking for work for awhile, and I have an upcoming interview. So far I've bombed a few of them because of IC issues (i.e. sudden urgency in middle of interview). My interview on Thursday is almost a 2 hour drive away and I'm VERY worried, as I always get the urgency at an interview anyway, and drives ALWAYS make me worse. On top of that, I've been battling a painful flare up since Friday...... Any ideas on how to get this under control???? Or just how to deal with this? I'm terrified of being constantly unemployed........ and scared of finally BEING employed because of how my IC will affect my possible job..............


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    You might want to get there a few hours ahead of time so you'll have a chance to just relax for a while. If you can afford it, rent a motel room so you can rest before the interview --- or if you have friends nearby, you might visit them so you can relax.

    Sending encouraging hugs,
    Stay safe

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      I hate to say it, but I resort to wearing a large pad. I've stood in front of a classroom, sat at an interview with a parent, any number of events and used a pad. It's not the best way to take care of it, because I usually am very sore afterwards, but it beats having to leave.
      After I've done that I think, they didn't even know I was peeing right in front of them!


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        I HAVE been considering buying diapers.... I haven't brought myself to do it yet. Somehow buying/ wearing a diaper at age 24 is too weird/ embarrassing... Besides, aren't diapers noticeable? I know there are these ads out now that says not, but I keep thinking back to all the elderly homes' I've visited and you ALWAYS can tell which poor person has a diaper on.

        I've tried pads a few times when I've become fairly incontinent. Unfortunately, the couple times I've done it they've become SATURATED. I guess I have more pee in quantity than even heavy periods. I do use ultra heavy pads.

        I dunno, I get very high strung in interviews as it is. PEEING IN PUBLIC... argh, I dunno. I don't honestly know which I would rather do. I'm starting to think I'll just never get employed.... I cant imagine how you can be a teacher. Teachers amaze me when they're healthy. Having a chronic bladder condition in addition?? wow, I bow to you!


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          good luck on your interview...I think if you get there early, and just make sure you go right before the interview, you should be fine. usually the interviews dont last more than 20-30 min...then you can go again right after.also, maybe its a good idea to not drink any water until after. pain meds are probably NOT a good idea. lol. I have an interview tomorrow too! I really want this. its an internship. I have been flarign now for 4 weeks and i have to admit I have become just a little psyco...hopefully I can try to act not psyco for a half an hour tomorrow. goodluck to you let us know how it goes


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            I too have been looking for a job since Nov and been on several interviews with no luck. It is so frustrating. I wear a pad and try and get there early so I can go before the interview starts. yesterday I had a long wait before the interview (they made me wait a long time) but did ok good luck on your interview. you are not alone!


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              Bless your heart! I dont know what to tell you, but I just wanted you to know that I feel really bad for you. That is a terrible postion to be in. I do think getting a room nearby is a good idea. I know driving for a long time always flares me.

              Just a thought, do you know how to self cath? If so, have you considered placing a cath for the interview? I have had to do this a couple of times when flaring badly, yet I had to travel to the Dr. (several hours from here.)

              I feel terrible for you and wish I had some ideas. I have never tried the diapers, so I cant really advise you on them. But, I just wanted to offer my support to you.

              Big hugs,


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                Did you explore any work at home options? That might be a good alternative. I have been lucky that I don't have to use the bathroom as much as many on this website, but I'm always planning for the future when I might not be so lucky. I have already looked into working at home with my current employer.

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