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  • Don't think they believed me

    So, the other night Mike had a friend and his wife come down to pitch us this "career idea" thingy. Kinda like one of those pyramids, but not. Anyways, so they were telling us a pitch how you buy things you already use for wholesale and yadayadayada....and hadn't told us what exactly the products were yet. Then they started going on about all these energy drinks and vitamins and soaps that they get and how great they are, and Mike and I looked at eachother like, yeah, I can really use stuff like that. So we asked them what exactly the items were b/c I can't take Vitamins or energy drinks or use different soaps and they were just perplexed. They were like, well all of our products are all natual and for sensitive people so surely you can use them. So I said no, b/c I have IC, and of course they were like "what?". So they showed us some products and I was told them that I could use face soaps and stuff like that, but nothing that came into contact w/ my "body" (I was trying to put it delicately) and she was all "well don't face soaps touch your body?" and then her husband asked "well what do you use now?"' and I told him nothing special, Charmin, Lever 2000, stuff like that b/c I know its okay and they just kinda looked at me like they didn't know what to think if I was lying or what. Is it so hard to explain that "look, I know I can tolerate those things, so I'd really rather not risk it and flare for two weeks"? Anyways, Mike wants to try their deal so I guess we're going to, they have like a million products (why they had to make that so complicated I don't know, could have just said "we have a million products"). Lots of baby stuff too :woohoo: so I guess I can spend some $ there hopefully
    Just wish it didn't have to be so darn hard to explain this to people, then they just look at you like they have no idea anyway, why did I even bother?

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    Perhaps next time someone doesnt quite "get it" try the straight-forward approach...they'll either "get it" or go away.
    I never pussy-foot around the subject; if someone asks I tell them..end of discussion..

    Hopefully you'll be able to find something you like that doesnt cause you any problems..

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      LOL, I'm with D, I too got tired of dancing around it - hard isn't it? Because for every evasion you give, that just raises another question and another protest (as in "oh sure you can!") etc. LMAO!! So yeah, now I just say nope can't. LOL If it goes further than that, they'll get the scoop, lmao!! In restaurants I've just always stated I have food allergies, that's usually enough to where the waitstafff will become super helpful, etc.

      Again as D said, I too hope you find something you can use out of the "million products"!!
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        I feel like I still get this all the time from my own family. My step son tried to hand me a coke the other night. I told him I couldn't have it, why not he asks? Because it's not good for my bladder, and then the response is "are you serious I didn't know that". I guess he hasn't noticed that I have been drinking nothing but water for the past several months. I think the only one that really gets it is hubby and he forgets all the time and asks me if I want something that is a no no then feels really bad when he does, lol

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          I hate when you get that look.... you know the one like a dog makes. Head tilted slightly with a weird look on their face. It's priceless. Someone should take pictures of people with that face haha. But anyways I hate that! I just tell people It's like having a UTI but a million times worse! They get it after that. My bf asks me if I want soda all the time! He feels bad too b/c I can see it in his face. Can anyone tolerate Sprite??? My bladder can tolerate a little. But it hate every other kind of soda!

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            Oh yea the look lol...I have finally learned.. When I have to explain IC to people, I just say my bladder is like one big ulcer and everything below it feels like that to... They just kind of curl their lips and dont ask anymore, sometimes being blunt works the best

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              I, too, tire of the pity face. However, I can usually shut people up from their incessant peppering of questions just by saying something they don't want to hear........proper medical terms for the whole thing. They stop talking and listening, and everyone can go on their merry way.

              Fact is, nobody but sufferers of IC or some other related illness "get it". I mean really "get it".

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                I said something about not being able to have caffeine to one of my drivers the other night. He asked why. I told him I have ulcers on my bladder. I told him it has a name (then said inter..) He asked me to repeat it. Then laughed cause I cant pronounce it very well. (took 5 years of speech as a kid working on s's and z's..still haunted by it). It was funny, but he understood it.

                It took me a while to figure out how to explain this to people. At restaurants, I also do the food allergy thing.
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                  Mike made me sign papers with his "cult" tonight. Not real thrilled with it. Tonight she gave me all sorts of books on the products and one was on vitamins and she says as she gives it to me "Now I KNOW you 'can't' have vitamins, but this is just for you to look over". She just irks me now. So, I told Mike not to expect much help on this from me. From now on I'm referring to it as the "Jim Jones Project" and told him I refuse to drink any of the refreshments at the meetings-especially the kool-aid!


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                    yikes meme... I know you couldn't do anything cuz of hubby, but I hope he didn't just sell you 2 short.. The reason I say this is Daves half brothers g/f-wife, whatever she is lol. tried to get me into her business.. She was telling me I could afford there small fee bla bla bla.. she even went so far as to tell me she knew people that had IC and used there certian product and now she is cured.. yea ok send it to me and then I wikk decide then.. I have never heard from her again... this was 7 years ago.. now loss for me I didn;t know them anyway,
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