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Anyone work from home?

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  • Anyone work from home?

    I was just wondering if anyone out there in IC land works from home? And if so, what type of work do you do? I am wanting to do some work from home jobs like selling Jewelry, Candles, etc... and I was just wondering if there was anyone out there who sells this stuff and if so, is it worth it?

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    I telecommute

    I telecommute, but not doing any of the "work from home" type things.

    I work for a medical device manufacturing company in the Regulatory/complaints department. Pretty much I'm a file babysitter and paper pusher.

    It works great as a telecommuting job because most of the paperwork can be submitted via the internet. I stay in touch with my co-workers via email and instant messaging. I lead conference calls with cross functional groups. We have shared files where we can all scan/submit paperwork so that everyone in the group has access to the same info.

    It is very nice because I can still work, even if I don't feel 100%. Nobody else is here to see me, so it doesn't matter how I dress. If I'm having a bad pain day, I can take a few minutes (5 or 10), meditate, and go right back to work. I also get to control what food I'm exposed to (it was a lot harder to eat correctly when I was exposed to doughnuts, patries, or doritos at every meeting) so it's easier to follow the IC diet.

    I would totally recommend working from home if you can swing it. One thing is to make sure that you are motivated enough to keep it going by yourself. Some people find it difficult to not get distracted when they don't have a boss looking directly over their shoulder.

    In addition to the jewlery, craft, candles type stuff... I'm pretty sure I've seen adds for doing things like medical record transcription from home.

    Anyway, that's my experience with working from home.
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      i'm still looking for a my first full-time position. I'm in museum work which is an extremely competitive field.

      That said, i've done some grant work for some local museums and non-profit art organizations. I have decided to get experience in grant writing/solicitation because in addition to helping me land a full-time job in this field, its a great skill that you can market anywhere and do on your own time for extra income. All non-profits (including your children's schools) need grantwriters and most of them can't afford to hire one on staff. You can basically sell yourself to write grants for these organizations and you can do that at home. You research the grants online and the applications are just written out on your computers. You can take a grantwriting class at most universities/ colleges/ community colleges. These classes are designed for professionals, so theyre typically evening classes, and most of them are 1 time a week. I think if you can do the class, its a good investment. There are also seminars offered sometimes where you basically only go to one class and learn how to research and write them. Its worth looking into. Right now, as I'm still fairly inexperienced, I'm doing it as a volunteer. The more successful grants I write though, the closer I am to selling my services for profit!

      One sidenote: you as a grantwriter doesn't have to limit yourself to one institution. I'm currently writing a grant for marketing money for three different cultural institutions. They're competing for the money, and I don't care which one gets it, but they all asked me to do it because I was already familiar with the perameters of the grant. I win because even if only ONE of them gets the money, I'm still successful!


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        One thing about home business is that choose something you know a lot about and enjoy to sell. Jewlry is very hard to sell online...our attempt of that went badly so that is an area that I have to wonder how you will sell it since we struggled to take good pictures and when we finally succeeded still didn't get much intersts.
        Feel free to ask me any questions. We have an ebay business and have tried many ways.
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