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I feel guilty for having to take time out of work

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  • Mothergoose
    Pre diagnoses of IC, IBS, PMS and andomyosis every month I thought I was getting a bad case of the flu, vomiting, nauseas, cramp, ab pain, heavy flow I could not get out of bed for about 3-4 days, after I realized it was like clock work which took months, a little thick headed, I had tests and was told I had andoyosis and needed a hysto.

    I had the hysto and a lot of the symptoms improved, keep my overies.

    I worked from home so my hours were flexible, but I did miss some deadlines and got in trouble for that. But in truth I did feel really guilty but more so for having 3 kids I could not care for and a husband who worked hard long hours, and no hot dinner to come home too.

    One time my youngest at the time was home with me, he was maybe 3-4 and I was haveing a really bad day, he was bugging me for lunch, I finally told him how to make himself a bowl of cereal, I felt bad but he was proud of being able to do it himeself.

    My oldest was pretty good at helpping but I wanted her to be a child not care giver.

    We live through this but I did feel really guilty for it, over years I realized when sick you have to what is best for your health first, you are no good to anyone if your sick.

    Give your self a break it is beyound your control.


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  • ICNDonna
    When you're sick, you can't work --- You might feel bad when you can't go to work, but you shouldn't feel guilty.


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  • lauriemp4
    started a topic I feel guilty for having to take time out of work

    I feel guilty for having to take time out of work


    Every month I have to take 2 days off because of my IC symptoms and endometriosis symptoms. I feel uncomfortable and guilty for having to take the time off from work.

    Do you feel guilty for having to take time off from work? Do your co-workers and boss look at you differently?