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  • Job unwilling to work with IC

    I have worked for this employer for almost two years. I didn't tell them at first about my condition. I hadn't had a really bad flare in two years when I had to take a medical leave from college. I am a thirty something married woman with three children. So money for college is a rare thing. I have worked as a pharmacy technician for about ten years. I have been national certified for six years. When my first employer started causing undue stress after six years med ways the seventh one I quit. I was in school full time working full time so my husband and I decided since I was a Junior with only major classes left he would take care of the bills and I would concentrate on school. Needless, to say the damage was already done. I ended up ina flare that left me almost bedridden for six weeks. I was on heavy duty pain medicines and so driving and alot of things were out. Medical bills started to increase because my dr basically had to start all over to find a new treatment plan that works. So, I started working at a different pharmacy. I liked it better. You were busy but no time for gossip. Well, it was suppose to be part time but I was working more doing different projects and enjoying it. As an Accounting major, some my courses I was getting practical experience. I was asked to find solutions to problems. I also was a former asst manager. Well, someone with seniority felt she should have the "prestige". But she wasn't certified nor did she have my prior experience. She goes behind the pharmacy managers behind and talks to the store manager who has no control. I had to sit down on two separate occasions for talks. Me and my friend and another pharmacist. No write ups or anything. Well, I told my bosses boss and the store manager unless you can prove I myself did or said something wrong I will not be having more talks. I have health conditions and this is affecting it. Well, the pharmacy has a restroom inside it which is a blessing for someone with IC. But, this hostile work situation did begin to take a toll. Medicines stop working well. I started and still due monthly trigger point injections to abdomen. I last month had some vaginally. I had two nerve blocks to the back to try to relieve some of the back pain. And then the techs could no longer use the restroom. Everyday I normally handle the drop off window. Which is the most stressful position. Everyday was painful from there on out. No one wants to work it so no one would take my place for my breaks or long enough for me to go to the restroom. And it made things worse. So back to instillations. And INS changes at the beginning of the year made mybmedication costs skyrocket. I was diagnosed with hypertension, obstructive sleep apnea, and lumbar radioapathy. I fall asleep at the drop of a hat. Standing at a computer. But a lot had to due with my IC symptoms worsening and I am up every hour or two in the restroom. No sleep and unable to fully use my CPap. I had to enter into a pain management contract with my dr because of the medicines. Which I do not take at work. Which is tying his hands because when I get off after an eight hour shift I am miserable. But it wasn't that bad. If I could go to the restroom when needed. Well, the day we were told about it I told the RPH working about my condition. Oh, no problem but get it in writing so you won't have any problems. I tell my manager. She says you can go when you need too just don't use the one in the pharmacy. I filled out a Disability Accomadation request asking for restroom access and to go to monthly dr Appts. My most recent one was denied. Unpaid time off. My off day I was requesting. They denied my request for those two things and were going to put me on unpaid leave for 90 days while they search for a job that would meet my problems. If no job was found in that time I would be terminated. I had to withdraw my request but my neve painas spreading from pelvic region and starting to involve my leg. I could not take too many steps without limping. So my neurologist diagnosed me with a pinched groin nerve and put me on medical leave. He would let me work some but my job wants me back at full active duty which he wont allow. I can't purchase my 14 different medications without my job or insurance. They will notpay my short term disability. My dr won't release me and I am now without medication. I tried to get a lawyer to help me appeal the accommodation ruling but I think he is afraid to go against this big coporation. I was wondering if you all assist people with this type of situation or know what areas I can try. I would appreciate any feed back. I need help

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    You may need to talk with a different attorney.

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      I must figure you are stuck between a rock and a hard place right now. I can kinda see why the doctor has not released you so far. I am just going by what I read and what all you are dealing with. OK. I am not sure I would want to go back to that place as an employee, but I don't even know where you stay or any more than I just read. By the way, I was glad to be getting paid the whole 4+ months that I was out of work last year.(neck surgery)( and state employee) Hey! I was not sweating my job any. Oh! I went back and got told on the last day of November that I could not return until the neurosurgeon, the same one that did the major neck surgery, filled out the paperwork stating that I was able to. (because of me falling at work and leaving early some) Oh! He never gave the "OK" for me to return again. It was not bothering me as much as you must be bothered now. I would come home in tears sometimes from pain that turned out to be from degenerative disc disease. Of course, I am on retirement disability now.(insurance kept) I may not be helping you out too much. You did state they would terminate you if you could not be accommodate within 90 days. Do you really expect they are going to find an accommodating job for you? (or even try) You may need a different attorney. Yep! Oh! I don't even want to know the costs of all 14 medications. Geez! Ugh! I don't fall asleep at the drop of a hat, but I feel like going back to my bed right now. I know I get burned out easily. That is another reason why I don't miss hitting the clock, but I still wish I was in better shape and able to work some more. Disability retirement does not pay even 40% of what I use to make.(and waiting to hear about SSD) OK. I may not have helped much. You still know I did read it all. Yep!


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        Sounds to me like you are being discriminated because of your dissability, I would see another attorney free consoltation.
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          I think discrimination is taking place too. I would definitely get another attorney,one that specializes The Americans With Disabilities Act issues. Good luck.


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            I was thinking about the Americans With Disabilities Act too while reading your letter. You can not be discriminated against by your employer because of legitimate health problems.

            Most important, I am so sorry you are suffering so much. It sounds like you are working so hard while you are so ill. I hope you feel better soon!